High time for Mitt Romney to just split

adriana cohen cover story on the boston Herald | March 3, 2016Two-time presidential loser and godfather of Obamacare Mitt Romney should stay on the sidelines.

Go save somebody’s Olympic Games or tutor a budding venture capitalist. Anything other than delivering today’s sore-loser, Hail Mary address at the University of Utah.

We don’t need Mitt’s views on the state of the Republican Party. Sorry, the panic attack is unbecoming and it’s a low blow for democracy. The voters have spoken and Donald Trump is the new face of the GOP.

Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Ben Carson or any of the dozen-plus candidates who have jockeyed for party leadership are gone. Take a hint, Mitt — you should be gone, too.

It’s now a two-man race between Trump, who’s gobbling up delegates faster than Leonardo DiCaprio grabbed his Oscar, and Ted Cruz, who won Texas. Marco Rubio is hanging on by his fingernails until Florida, his home state, which he may lose anyway.

That’s how the race has unfolded — fair and square.

But that’s not OK with our former governor. Instead of respecting voters, Romney is trying to be the spoiler. His Twitter rant about Trump’s tax “bombshell” fizzled.

Clearly Mitt doesn’t even respect what his own base in his own state wants. (Trump easily won Massachusetts on Tuesday.) It’s only about what Mitt wants — and crybaby, party brass want. They’re all petrified about one thing: losing power.

Hence, they’re now rolling out the opposition research and hitting Trump with everything they’ve got.

Totally pathetic. Especially since Mitt Romney sought Donald Trump’s endorsement in 2012. Back then he was a “good guy?” And now he’s not?

Talk about a faux friend.

Republicans want real change in Washington.

An outsider who will 
shake up the dysfunctional status quo.

The establishment wetting their pants in the final hour won’t change a thing.

Adriana Cohen

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