Hillary Clinton persists with woe is me

By July 27, 2017July 31st, 2017Politics, Presidental Race 2016

Two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton should stay in her woods. But instead of accepting her latest election defeat gracefully, she’s writing another book — due out in September.

Doesn’t she realize, hardly anyone read her last one?

No matter. In her soon-to-be-released tome she’s putting the finishing touches on this summer, Clinton is reportedly doubling down on the false narrative that Russia and former FBI Director James Comey stole the 2016 election from her.

This is a “Hard Choice” between sad and delusional — to borrow from the title of her last book.

Zero evidence has been presented to date by any U.S. intelligence agencies or polling facilities that Russia hacked or manipulated ballots. In fact, in many polling stations throughout the nation, offline voting is impossible to hack. And as Clinton herself has been quick to add, she beat Trump in the popular vote. So scratch that non-starter.

Russia didn’t design our electoral system — our Founding Fathers did. ­Putin didn’t tell Clinton not to campaign in critical swing states or advise her to alienate half the nation by calling hardworking, patriotic voters a “basket of deplorables.”

Clinton did that all by herself.

Add to it the fact that Clinton wasn’t trusted by the majority of voters — on both sides of the aisle. Countless polls taken throughout the campaign revealed even Democrats trusted socialist Bernie Sanders more than the Democratic front-runner who was embroiled in one scandal after another. From the shady money coming into her family foundation, to the mishandling of classified information in a private email server jeopardizing America’s national security, to the eyebrow-raising Russia-uranium deal she orchestrated while secretary of state, and other pay-to-play activities that were — at minimum — slimy.

Then there’s Comey. Instead of blaming him for her self-inflicted election loss, she should be thanking the former FBI director for not swapping her trademark yellow pantsuit for an orange jumpsuit.

Clearly between deleting tens of thousands of emails, wiping servers and smashing devices with a hammer there was plenty of evidence discovered by the FBI’s investigation to bring charges. Attacking the notoriously thin-skinned Comey — who will get hauled in to testify against her if the email investigation is reopened — is a colos­sally dumb move.

Add it up and Clinton should quit pushing false narratives in books and beyond, quit the anti-Trump “Resistance” and thank her lucky stars she’s not in the slammer.

Voters were smart to steer clear of Clinton. She continues to demonstrate bad judgement. She should continue, in her Westchester woods, to take a hike.

Adriana Cohen

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