Hillary Clinton’s threat a real dud

By October 5, 2016October 11th, 2016National Security, Politics, Presidental Race 2016

Hillary Clinton’s alleged quip that the U.S. should “drone” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says a lot about hercharacter.

The non-denials from her camp are just as 

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said this week on TV: “I’m reticent to comment on anything that the WikiLeaks people have said. They’ve made a lot of accusations in 
the past.”

As secretary of state, Clinton wanted to keep Assange and his web of watchdogs from embarrassing the Obama administration, according to some reports. But even joking about a drone strike is troubling.

A presidential nominee allegedly wanting to assassinate a whistleblower should have all Americans alarmed — and the mainstream media should be asking Clinton direct 
questions about it.

Anderson Cooper, are you listening?

Cooper will be moderating Sunday night’s presidential debate on CNN. The drone strike dig should be one of his first questions, but I won’t hold my breath. If true, it disqualifies her for the Oval Office.

No wonder Assange delayed his Clinton data dump yesterday. He has every right to be concerned about his safety. He’s been holed up inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London for years as one leak after another shames Hillary and fellow Democrats.

“The material that WikiLeaks is going to publish before the end of the year is of … a very significant moment in different directions, affecting three powerful organizations in three different states as well as … the U.S. election process,” Assange said yesterday on a video marking the group’s 10th 

What is on display is media bias in this election — once again. High-profile members of the left-wing media don’t hesitate to question if Donald Trump is the right man to have access to the nuclear codes. But, so far, none of these same pundits are demanding Clinton confirm or deny reports she wanted to drone Assange.

Everybody seems to give Hillary a pass — from FBI Director James Comey to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the press.

These are questions credible journalists should be asking. Let’s just hope they aren’t followed home by a drone.

Adriana Cohen

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