Hillary’s back in no-fact attack mode

By October 9, 2015October 19th, 2015Gun Control

Hillary Clinton is doing what she does best — attacking instead of explaining.

She’s under FBI investigation for mishandling classified information on her private email server while secretary of state, yet decides to address that head on by … going on “Saturday Night Live.”

On the show she took shots at GOP front-runner Donald Trump in a skit where she made fun of The Donald for calling everyone “losers.”

When it comes to verbal bomb-throwing, is Clinton any better? The skit didn’t cover that.

A few weeks ago she called millions of pro-life Americans and the GOP — half the nation, mind you — “terrorists” for opposing funding for Planned Parenthood.

It’s an insult to taxpayers to knock anyone questioning the $500 million the government sends every year to the nation’s largest abortion provider — especially after the barbaric videos we’ve seen of Planned Parenthood doctors discussing crunching baby skulls and haggling over the price of fetal tissue.

But enough about that.

Now at a campaign event in Iowa on Wednesday, Clinton called the National Rifle Association as stubborn as “Communists” and “Iranians” when it comes to gun control.

The gun debate is a legitimate one with valid concerns on both sides of the aisle. But when Clinton can’t win on the facts — just look at Chicago’s 359 shootings in September alone — she resorts to launching verbal grenades at anyone who disagrees with her.

All that accomplishes is deepening the partisan divide that is poisoning Washington.

What Clinton is missing is that the right to bear arms is a constitutional right, not a decision made by a special interest group.

Our Founding Fathers knew that Americans would need the ability to protect themselves and their families or be subject to tyranny. Or worse, death.

Clinton is back to her old habits. She’s taking out the “blame-the-vast-right-wing-conspiracy” playbook. (How well did that work out?)

This time we’re not talking about her husband’s moral bankruptcy. We’re talking about voters looking to elect the next president who are sick and tired of excuses, lies and cover-ups.

Can’t we do better?

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