‘Hope and change’ hard for women to find under Dems

BH-2016-06-12-A001The great gender war is upon us.

It’s Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton in the general election and before you swallow the spin, let’s take a hard look at what “Hope & Change” has brought to women.

Under President Obama’s watch, over 2 million women have fallen into poverty, according to U.S. Census data released in the fall. With an abysmal record like that, can women afford to give the president a proverbial “third term” by electing another lefty like Clinton?

The hard truth is, women have suffered the most under progressive policies, despite being spoon fed by the DNC and compliant media that progressives are the “party of women.”

The sobering facts are after 7 1⁄2 years of Democrats in power, there are 57 million women over the age of 16 out of work while median income and wages have declined.

The poverty rate among single mothers (39.8 percent) is nearly double that of single fathers (22 percent).

Women also continue to earn less than their male counterparts in the federal government — not just in the private sector. In Obama’s own administration, women continued to earn less than men despite his “equal pay” rhetoric. In the federal government today, only 30 percent of female workers hold the top paying jobs ($172,000).

Clearly when it comes to advancing women, liberal progressives are big on talk, short on action.

Donald Trump on the other hand has amassed his fortune by building things. Hotels, office buildings, golf courses, casinos and a vast array of other impressive real estate developments. Hillary Clinton has made her millions mostly by giving speeches paid for by Wall Street and other corporations. So when given the choice between a builder and a talker, who is more likely to grow the economy and create jobs in the private sector?

The one who lays cement? Or the other that blows hot air?

It’s well-documented that while Hillary Clinton was a U.S. senator for New York, she gave the top jobs and salaries on her staff to men. Women were paid only 72 cents to the man’s dollar. The Clinton Foundation has also come under fire for paying women less than their male counterparts.

Regardless, there will still be uninformed voters who will believe that Hillary Clinton will “fight for them.”

What they fail to understand is that you can’t negotiate equal pay if there’s no pay to begin with. You can’t negotiate a salary from the unemployment line.

Donald Trump will renegotiate bad trade deals to keep more jobs here in the U.S. He’ll cut the astronomical corporate tax rate to keep U.S. businesses, and jobs here at home. He’ll also address illegal immigration which is forcing Americans to lose jobs to cheap labor.

Women need to remember, you can’t negotiate a raise if your job has gone overseas. Nor can you negotiate equal pay if your job goes to an illegal for less pay.

Come November, women must choose carefully.

Adriana Cohen

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