How to get his groove back

adriana-cohen-boston-herald-cover-3aug2016A series of bad missteps have erased Donald Trump’s post-convention bump. But Democrats, don’t start ordering your new pantsuits yet. Here’s how he can rebound in five easy steps:

• Focus on women by making the case they’ll see more prosperity, freedom and opportunity in a Trump administration. Start now. Women make up a majority of the electorate — 53 percent in the last presidential election — and this is where Hillary Clinton dominates.

Hire staffers who are solely focused on getting out the female vote 24/7 in all 50 states. Educate female voters about Democratic policies that have been harmful to them. Under President Obama’s watch, more than 2 million women have fallen into poverty, according to Census Bureau reports. Can women afford four more years of this? No way. That should be the daily message.

• Stop taking the bait. Don’t let the left-wing media hounds and their Democratic henchmen taunt you all the way back to the private sector. Choose your battles carefully. Spend time exploiting Clinton’s weaknesses and stop fighting with Khizr Khan or others. Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and the rogue server in Chappaqua are all excellent targets. Hit Hillary on them daily.

•  Remind voters from now until Nov. 8 that if Hillary is elected, they can kiss their Second Amendment rights goodbye. She will elect Supreme Court justices out to dismantle gun rights. Count on it. She will also repeal the Hyde Amendment, forcing taxpayers to fund abortions.

• Focus on repairing the broken immigration system and fixing the economy. Play to your successes in building things and creating jobs, instead of allowing Clinton and the Democrats to decide what this election is about. Hit the former secretary of state hard on trade and how her husband’s misguided criminal justice policies have put more black men in jail than any U.S. president in memory.

• Stop fighting over the debate schedule and do the opposite. Challenge Clinton to 10 debates — anytime, anywhere. Lincoln-Douglas-type debates. Debates at rallies. Debates at Town Halls. Push for 10 golden opportunities to hammer Clinton over her ties to Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Corporations and all those billionaires and millionaires feeding her campaign.

Build a ground game across the nation — especially in battleground states — and for heaven’s sake carefully select media interviews. CNN, MSNBC have laid terrible traps. It’s time to buckle down.

Adriana Cohen

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