Immigration laws costing American lives

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GOP presidential contender Gov. Bobby Jindal joined us on Herald Radio yesterday to discuss sanctuary cities and how best to fix a shattered immigration system that is straight up killing American citizens.

The recent slaying of 32-year-old Kate Steinle by a criminal illegal immigrant in San Francisco — a well-known sanctuary city — is yet another reminder that our leaders in Washington and local officials must fix the immigration crisis before another American is raped or murdered.

Gov. Jindal knows our immigration system needs to be overhauled with action — not talk. He said the president must shut the porous border immediately and together with Congress implement a legal immigration system — where laws are respected and enforced versus ignored or selectively enforced by liberal officials who support sanctuary cities and the many illegals who exploit them.

“Congress needs to pass my package of bills, called Partners In Crime. We need to say, ‘Mayors, councilmen, if you are going to flaunt federal law, there should be two consequences.’ One, they should be criminally liable as accessories. They should be held liable for the crimes committed by illegals in these so-called sanctuary cities,” Jindal said. “Second, we will say to the families, ‘We will give you the opportunity to hold them civilly liable. You can sue not only those officials who are allowing these sanctuary policies but also those who refuse to prosecute those officials.’ ”

With the continuous death toll of American citizens at the hands of illegal immigrants, it’s critical that our elected officials on the local, state and federal level stop rolling over to criminal immigrants and deport them immediately.

Why wait until another American is brutally killed?

“There is no question that illegal immigration is exacerbating crime problems in many American communities, including Massachusetts,” Jessica Vaughn, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, told the Herald.

“One problem is that the Obama administration has been gradually dismantling enforcement and allowing too much illegal settlement. But local policies play a big role, too,” she said.

It’s time to defund sanctuary cities and hold officials accountable for refusing to enforce the law. If not, we’ll continue to see more American families 
destroyed at the hands of 
criminal illegals.

This should infuriate every legal immigrant and American among us.

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