Impeachment a delusion for Dems

By May 28, 2019May 30th, 2019Politics

Memo to delusional Democrats: If special counsel Bob Mueller and his wolf pack of rabid lawyers didn’t charge the president or his associates with Russian collusion or obstruction of justice in their final report to the Department of Justice, it’s because no such crimes were committed.

That fact isn’t stopping desperate Dems from continuing their quest to impeach the president. They’re pivoting to other manufactured allegations now that the conspiracy theories surrounding “Russian Collusion” have been proven by the special counsel’s investigation to be utter fiction.

Notwithstanding, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrats today are conducting a conference call to discuss whether or not to heed Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s call to begin impeachment proceedings against our duly elected president.

Republicans should urge Democrats to go for it. When they draft their hokey articles of impeachment on baseless allegations that voters care little about, they’ll write the party’s political obituary in the process.

Just look at how badly Bill Clinton’s impeachment went for Republicans in the ’90s. Voters were turned off by the GOP’s aggressive tactics and Republicans paid for it heavily in the subsequent election, losing seats instead of gaining them. There was such political backlash that Clinton’s approval rating soared more than 30 points in the aftermath.

Do Democrats really want to repeat history and suffer a shellacking in the 2020 elections, rendering the party powerless?

Impeachment hearings would captivate the attention of the nation and the media, drowning out the 20-plus Democratic presi- dential hopefuls in the process and make it much harder for candidates to raise money and build name recognition with voters. The move would also further energize Trump’s base to vote Democrats out of office.

Not exactly a smart strategy for any candidate, especially Warren who’s already trailing in her home state of Massachusetts, behind out-of-staters like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, while polling in the single digits nationally.

President Trump reaped a 250% increase in campaign donations after the Mueller report came out, with his re-election campaign raking in over $1 million in a single day. His fundraising totals are now over $45 million this year.

Savvy Dems will realize this is the time to stop the endless and counterproductive investigations against President Trump and instead focus on bringing their message to the American people.

Adriana Cohen

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