In Bolton, a stronger America

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New national security chief a ‘hawk’s hawk’

The days of America leading from behind while foreign enemies — including Iran, North Korea and others walk all over us — are officially over.

That’s the message President Trump sent this week with his announcement that former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton will become his national security adviser beginning April 9.

Not a moment too soon.

This news comes at the right time: The U.S. faces compounding global threats, from a belligerent North Korea’s nuclear aggressions, to a Middle East in flames, a global refugee crisis and a crumbling Iran deal that needs fixing, if not revocation.

The president will be well served by Bolton, a foreign policy expert whose depth of knowledge in this complex arena is unparalleled.

Having interviewed Bolton many times on my Boston Herald Radio show, it’s no secret that he’s a “hawk’s hawk” who believes in Ronald Reagan’s “Peace Through Strength” foreign policy.

Bolton understands fully that when America retreats from the world stage — as former President Barack Obama so flagrantly did, with disastrous results — the world becomes a much more dangerous place.

Obama’s approach to handling North Korea’s advancement of its nuclear program was “strategic patience,” which meant do nothing and hope for the best.

How did that turn out?

A defiant North Korea ran wild, rapidly developed its nuclear arsenal, and can now strike the continental U.S., not to mention the looming possibility of hitting us with an apocalyptic EMP strike knocking out our power grid.

Under weak-kneed Obama, the U.S. pulled out of Iraq, creating a power vacuum that resulted in the Islamic State establishing a caliphate and killing thousands. Then there’s Russia, which annexed Crimea and invaded Ukraine while the former administration effectively shrugged its shoulders.

Oh, and Syria. When its brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on civilians, Obama’s infamous “red line” turned out to be a whimper. Genocide ensued.

With Bolton as national security adviser, this will hardly be the case. He has made it perfectly clear he supports military action, including pre-emptive strikes, to protect America’s interests.

This sends a powerful message to the world that the U.S. will not be pushed around and taken advantage of anymore. Nor will we stand idly by and watch our allies abused.

Those days are over.

Adriana Cohen

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