Islamic State’s the threat, not weather

Instead of fighting the weather, civilized nations should be fighting the Islamic State, which just slaughtered 22 innocent people — including children — at a concert in the U.K.

But out-of-touch liberals, including former Secretary of State John Kerry, ex-President Barack Obama and other global-warming alarmists, would rather fight climate change than mention the word “Islam.”

In their politically correct worldview, carbon dioxide poses a bigger threat to humanity than terrorists chopping off heads or planting bombs at our Boston Marathon.

No matter. President Trump — who prioritizes America’s security and best interests — is leading the way. Our jobs president announced that America was withdrawing from the elitist-approved Paris climate agreement because it was a bad deal.

The accord — pushed by power-grab globalists and foreign nations who reaped the greatest rewards from it — was a lopsided deal that placed the biggest economic and regulatory burdens on the U.S. while allowing the world’s largest polluters — China and India — to continue to choke the planet at will for years, if not decades to come, with zero accountability.

Had we remained in the job-crushing pact, the United States would have saddled our business and energy sectors with costly regulations — passed onto the American consumers via higher utilities costs. This while China continues to open a new coal plant every week to 10 days.

At best it would’ve been an emissions shell game that would have killed 6.5 million U.S. jobs, according to an analysis by National Economic Research Associates. If that’s not a big enough kick in the shins, the misguided deal would have cost the U.S. nearly $3 trillion in lost GDP by 2040 while taxpayers would have had to fork over a few billion to the Green Energy “slush fund” managed by foreign bureaucrats.

With America’s national debt hovering near $20 trillion — and counting — this accord is the last thing we needed. Plus, researchers from MIT said that if every nation that signed the accord hit all goals this century, the impact on the climate would be negligible.

President Trump explained yesterday that industries such as cement, iron and steel, coal, natural gas and petroleum would be forced to cut production under Obama’s misguided Paris Climate Accord.

Trump was smart to bolt from the deal. The quicker the better.

Adriana Cohen

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