Jack Dorsey Getting a Perjury Pass Shows Dual Justice System

By December 15, 2022January 11th, 2023Politics

When it comes to prosecuting former President Donald Trump and his associates for alleged malfeasance, or any conservative, left-wing politicians and their supporters like to tout the “no one is above the law” line. Yet, when one of their own breaks the law, their collective silence is deafening.

It’s selective justice where lawbreakers on the right are swiftly and harshly held accountable by the full weight of the U.S. Department of Justice, but at times, their left-leaning counterparts are either given a pass or treated with kid gloves. One of the latest high-profile examples is former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who lied before Congress while testifying at a 2018 House Energy and Commerce Committee meeting to discuss “Transparency and Accountability” at his social media company.

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