Jeff Bezos not the world’s brightest man

They say love is blind

Perhaps that could explain how a super smart business man like Jeff Bezos — founder of Amazon— could be so dumb when it comes to affairs of the heart that landed the love drunk Washington Post owner at the epicenter of a tawdry sex scandal.

After Bezos tweeted last Wednesday his 25 year old marriage has gone bust, racy sexts between him and his paramour went public —in excruciating detail — causing a salacious spectacle on a level only Tiger Woods and Donald Trump can appreciate.

Some of the steamy sexts and nude pics Bezos reportedly sent his mistress were so “explicit” even the National Enquirer —who was staking out the lovebirds for months — couldn’t publish them.

That’s a major rookie mistake by the $137 billion-Bezos  —sexting erotic pics and other romantic missives that ended up in the hands of the Enquirer. He can thank his own carelessness and his loose lips lover who reportedly shared them with others.

Talk about embarrassing. The richest man in the world and father of four spent his week not overseeing those brown boxes landing on our doorsteps, but having his customers read, “I love you, alive girl. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon,”  in media outlets worldwide.

Shouldn’t a man of his stature know better? Not only did he get burned by his dopey lover who violated his privacy by sharing his heartfelt messages, he also made himself vulnerable to criminals who could’ve hacked his phone and blackmailed him given his vast fortune.

Clearly he wasn’t thinking while seducing the wife of a friend for reportedly the past 9 months.

Yet this is the same “bad boy” whose newspaper, the Washington Post, has relentlessly published nonstop hit pieces about President Trump the past few years calling him every name in the book —including “amoral.”

I guess it takes one to know one.

Adriana Cohen

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