Jet-setting Bernie Sanders a climate fraud

For a Democrat socialist who rails against a capitalist system, Bernie Sanders sure is living the life of the rich and famous.

In fact, a bombshell federal campaign expenditure report released by a Vermont watchdog group has exposed Sanders for what he really is — a fraud.

Turns out the climate alarmist — who never misses an opportunity to attack the GOP and the Trump administration for not doing enough to curb the effects of climate change — blew $300,000 in one month alone taking private jets used by famous celebs like Shaquille O’Neal and Derek Jeter while visiting nine battleground states prior to the midterm elections. A senior campaign official from Friends of Bernie Sanders explained, “This expense was for transportation for the senator’s nine-day, nine-state tour to support Democratic candidates up and down the ballot ahead of Election Day.”

As if that somehow justifies it.

In fact, the same day “Socialist” Sanders was blowing out the ozone on private gas-guzzling jets, he tweeted this missive: “Climate change is a planetary crisis. Our task is clear. We must take on the fossil fuel industry that’s largely responsible for global emissions and accelerate our transition toward energy efficiency and sustainable energy sources.”

Can anyone spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E?

This is a guy who’s never missed a beat going after the fossil fuel industry —  and voted against the Keystone XL Pipeline — while preaching to the American people that the “single greatest threat facing our planet” is climate change.

Now we learn that the potential 2020 presidential contender is blowing out carbon emissions and enjoying luxury travel in a manner only John “Yacht” Kerry can appreciate.

Bottom line: Liberal elites make the “rules” — they just don’t live by them.

Adriana Cohen

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