Jihadi threat isn’t going away

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adriana-cohen-bh_Jan102015_jihadi-threatFrance is now on full wartime footing after police and the military hunted down three of the terrorists behind the massacre of 20 citizens at a satirical magazine and a kosher market in Paris.

Great Britain appears to be doing the same after the head of MI5 said England’s domestic security agency had foiled three terrorist plots in recent months and warned al-Qaeda is planning a similar massacre there.

With the U.S. putting out a worldwide travel alert last night, it’s time for this nation to brace for the inevitable and prepare for another terrorist attack.

We’re at war — the same war we’ve been battling since 9/11. Now al-Qaeda is back, taking credit for the Paris attack. And there are signs ISIS may have influenced at least one of the terrorists.

In the face of unspeakable horror, Parisians showed impressive strength and resolve in handling the dual assaults. Their military and law enforcement acted quickly and decisively, killing three out of the four terrorists.

The French didn’t bow to terror. They took the fight to the jihadists, just as Boston did after the marathon bombings.

America, Britain and all of our Western allies must be prepared to deal with more terror attacks. We’d be fools to ignore the warning signs.

Al-Qaeda in Yemen has already claimed responsibility for the deadly terror attack in Paris. Reports have also surfaced that one of the Muslim terrorists took part in military training in Yemen alongside al-Qaeda in 2011.

Clearly Yemen continues to be a hotbed for terrorism. But again, this comes from a president who in 2012 claimed al-Qaeda was on the run. Just turn on TV, and you’ll see the opposite is happening.

We’ve been caught off guard in Benghazi, Sydney, Ottawa, Boston, Fort Hood and now Paris. What further proof do we need that our way of life is being threatened?

President Obama needs to stop subjecting the American people to false narratives. In September he claimed that U.S. anti-terrorism tactics in Yemen and Somalia were a success. Not true.

The reality is terror groups are on the march and headed our way. We cannot afford to sit on our hands hoping the airstrikes in Iraq and Syria will somehow protect our homeland. If we do, it won’t be long before we see black-clad jihadis rampaging through our streets and malls.

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