Joe Biden’s To-Do List in the New Year

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If Democrats want to stave off the red wave that cometh their way in the midterms next year, they need a hard pivot to the political middle. Otherwise, President Joe Biden will become a lame duck in year two of his presidency and tee up a GOP tsunami in 2024.

Here’s Biden’s to-do list in the New Year.

No. 1: Pink slip Dr. Anthony Fauci and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky and replace them with infectious disease “experts” that can put the pandemic behind us as quickly as possible. Two years into this nightmare the American people have severe pandemic fatigue. This means every day we’re still forced to wear masks and be subjected to other endless COVID-19 restrictions is a reminder that oh-so-smart Democrats are no better at managing the pandemic than the former Republican administration. The inconvenient fact is more Americans have died from COVID-19 on Biden’s watch than former President Donald Trump’s. If that failing trend continues another year, Democrats are toast come midterms.

No. 2: Get rising gas prices and surging inflation under control. It’s no secret Americans vote with their wallets. Everyday working families are spending significantly more for groceries, food, heating bills and other essentials under Democratic rule — they miss Biden’s predecessor. Not a winning strategy leading into the midterms.

No. 3: Curtail reckless big-government socialist spending, which is jacking up inflation and saddling our kids and grandkids with astronomical debt. With the U.S. national debt already a whopping 29 trillion and growing and with the House voting to increase the debt ceiling another 2.5 trillion this week, where does it end?

No. 4: Stop designating American parents as “domestic terrorists” for standing up at local school board meetings and voicing their concerns about what their kids are learning at school. This false and extremely harmful designation is beyond divisive, it’s an outrage that will mobilize voters — including independents — against the Democratic Party, deservedly. If Biden wants to keep his party in power, he must instruct Attorney General Merrick Garland and the FBI to stop targeting moms and dads and instead focus their energy on combating real domestic threats, such as drug trafficking, which tragically killed over 106,000 Americans over a 12-month period ending in April this year — a 28.5% spike from the year prior, the CDC reported in November. The feds should also be addressing the sharp increases in homicides and violence taking place throughout the country and the out-of-control smash-and-grabs happening at retailers, amongst other concerns.

No. 5: Bring all remaining Americans home from Afghanistan and hold those responsible accountable for the botched withdrawal. The 13 U.S. military personnel needlessly killed in Kabul last summer deserve justice.

No. 6: Get tough on Communist China and work with our allies to hold them accountable for their role in the pandemic and subsequent cover-up. If the U.S. doesn’t address where and how the COVID-19 pandemic began, including Fauci and the National Institutes of Health’s reported role in funding gain-of-function research, then we are sitting ducks for the next pandemic. China must also be held to account for its human rights abuses of the Uyghurs and its manufacturing and distribution of illicit chemicals used by drug cartels to make fentanyl, not to mention its escalating threats to seize Taiwan.

No. 7: Don’t allow Russia to invade Ukraine. If the Biden administration rolls over, that will send a signal to China to take Taiwan and encourage other foreign enemies to misbehave. One shudders to think of the humanitarian costs, global instability and threats to democracy that will ensue.

No. 8: Secure the southern border. An open border is a national security threat. If the flow of fentanyl and other deadly drugs into our communities isn’t alarming enough, the porous border is also a point of entry for would-be terrorists, drug cartels, sex traffickers and other nefarious actors. The president’s top responsibility is to protect the homeland, which means that every week that thousands of unvetted and unvaccinated individuals enter our country illegally, Biden and his “border czar” veep are failing to do their jobs.

No. 9: Address the spiraling homelessness crisis in cities across America. If Democrats secure the border, then there will be less fentanyl and other deadly drugs entering our communities, which means less drug addiction and other mental health struggles exacerbating the crisis. Fewer illegal drugs equals less homelessness. This isn’t rocket science.

No. 10: Rein in the far-left woke radicals exerting too much power and control within the Democratic Party. Most Americans are moderates and turned off by extremists on both sides of the aisle. Biden would be wise to be the moderate he promised he would be on the campaign trail. His administration and party veering too far to the left is tanking his approval ratings and his vice president’s. Until Team Biden pivots to the center, their poll numbers will continue to sink, fueling continuous negative press coverage.

A failure to resolve these issues will empower the GOP for years to come.

Adriana Cohen

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