Joe Curtatone must go: Somerville deserves better!

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Instigating civil unrest with tweet

So much for civility.

Democratic Mayor Joe Curtatone — best known for encouraging people to break federal law by declaring Somerville a sanctuary city — tweeted out yesterday about the accused Florida bomber, “the outside of this guy’s van looks like the inside of Geoff Diehl’s head.”

So Curtatone joins the long list of Democrats who’ve lobbed rhetorical bombs, from Maxine Waters calling on people to harass Republicans in public to Hillary Clinton extolling uncivil behavior.

Curtatone is not only a disgrace to Somerville, he is fomenting civil unrest at a volatile time in our nation, with a madman now behind bars for allegedly sending multiple mail bombs to politicians and CNN, putting our country on edge. Americans are rattled, with increasingly violent protests and confrontations — very often instigated by extremists on the left.

What responsible elected officials do at times like this is denounce violence of any kind. They call for calm and unity while encouraging others to tone down the inflammatory political rhetoric that’s dividing our country so we don’t have bloodshed on our streets.

But that’s not what Curtatone did.

Instead, he threw gasoline on a dumpster fire by comparing the crazed serial bomber to Geoff Diehl — a widely respected state representative, family man and Republican candidate for U.S. senator.

Never mind Curtatone’s shameless pandering to U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren. If you support the president of the United States and voted for him, as 63 million Americans did, in Curtatone’s view you’re no better than a mail-bombing madman.

Fortunately, what voters know is that political violence is being committed by lunatics on all sides of the political spectrum. This week it was a lunatic who appears to have supported Trump. Last summer, it was gun-blazing Bernie Sanders backer James T. Hodgkinson, who shot up a GOP charity softball game, critically injuring U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise before he was shot and killed by police.

Somerville residents deserve better than a wildly divisive and polarizing mayor who, when he’s not calling for boycotts of Sam Adams beer because its founder dared to approve of Trump’s economic policies, is comparing the president’s supporters, including a U.S. Senate candidate, to a serial bomb suspect.

This kind of extreme rhetoric is un-American and has no place in a civilized society.

Curtatone has to go. Step down, Joe. We don’t need bomb-throwers like you.

Adriana Cohen

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