Kids should be in play for Donald

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adriana-cohen-boston-herald-cover-19nov2016The Trump children were praised by Hillary Clinton at the end of the second debate as being “incredibly able.” So why shouldn’t they join their dad’s administration?

Bill and Chelsea Clinton were ready to set up shop in the West Wing if Hillary had won, with Bubba “in charge of fixing the economy,” as she said last May. And who can forget Hillary’s role in health care as first lady?

Former President John F. Kennedy brought on Bobby faster than you can say Bay of Pigs.

Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump should be allowed to play a role in their father’s administration. Loyalty and brains go a long way and these kids have plenty of both.

But the president-elect must proceed with caution. He needs people around him he can trust. Given the family’s vast business interests, his offspring cannot create the perception they are leveraging government power for their personal gain.

We don’t need another Clinton Foundation fiasco with millions being funneled to “Bill Clinton Inc.”

A hostile media has already pounced on Ivanka’s face time with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this week. (Her husband Jared Kushner, another Trump favorite, was along for the meet-and-greet.) Our next president needs to make sure his family affairs don’t ruin his chance to win in 2020.

Hillary said it best at the end of the second debate when asked to name a “positive thing” about Donald Trump: “I respect his children. His children are incredibly able and devoted, and I think that says a lot about Donald.”

When President Kennedy was questioned about naming his brother, Bobby, for U.S. Attorney General in 1960, he was quoted as saying: “I can’t see that it’s wrong to give him a little legal experience before he goes out to practice law.”

Times have changed, and so has the law, but nothing is stronger than a family bond. Bobby Kennedy proved himself worthy of the job — and a whole lot more. What would our country be like today if he hadn’t been assassinated?

Give Trump an opportunity to figure out how to best use his children — then let the arrows fly. Until then, he needs people he can trust unequivocally.

Adriana Cohen

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