Laura Ingraham finds a Democrat she can love – seriously

By November 9, 2017November 13th, 2017Politics, Presidental Race 2016

Conservative firebrand and Fox TV host Laura Ingraham loves Democrat Donna Brazile. No, seriously.

“I love Donna Brazile,” Ingraham told me yesterday on Boston Herald Radio’s “Adriana Cohen Show.”

Referring to the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman’s recent blasts at Hillary Clinton, Ingraham said, “She’s exposing these people for what they are. This is classic Clinton dirty tricks. They picked up where Nixon left off in the dirty tricks game. And the corruption runs deep, and once again, the American people see what the Clintons were all about. And they wanted to control the party apparatus. And anyone who got in the way, was going to be disposed of. Now they’re going to have to try to dispose of Donna Brazile, and so they’re trying to kill her credibility.”

Ingraham, who is touring for her new book, “Billionaire at the Barricade: A Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump,” is finding a lot to love about Democrats these days. She’s also a fan of how the credibility of progressive darlings Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders has nosedived given how they let Hillary Clinton hijack the Democratic apparatus. Both have built political careers attacking big money in politics. They’ve feigned outrage over “millionaires and billionaires buying elections!” Now we learn that the standard-bearer of their party did exactly that. She spent millions to rig the primary in her favor. Then they campaigned for her.

“These people continue to embarrass themselves on pretty much every front,” Ingraham said yesterday. “So I say we should encourage Elizabeth Warren to run. And Pocahontas will continue to be exposed for what she really is. Remember when she started talking about ‘my grandpappy’? She started using all these Indian country phrases. She’s just a fraud, I’m sorry.”

Ingraham then laid into the Democrats’ agenda.

“They want to control people’s lives,” Ingraham said. “They want as many abortions as possible. … They want to control what kind of a car you drive. They want to control what you set your thermostat on. They want to control how you recycle. They want to control what you eat. … They want the most control possible over your individual life.

“I tend to think the American people are better at making their own decisions about their own lives,” Ingraham said. “They won’t get everything right, but they’ll certainly get it better and more accurately, than this crowd.”


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