Lax vetting endangers Europe again

By December 21, 2016December 22nd, 2016Immigration, National Security, Terrorism

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is endangering her citizens with open borders and lax immigration system in a time of terror, with the Islamic State openly encouraging “soldiers of the caliphate” to exploit porous refugee flows and slaughter infidels.

And she’s likely to pay a steep political price for it.

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, who’s being strongly considered for deputy secretary of state in the Trump administration, told me yesterday:

“Chancellor Merkel’s unilateral decision to admit 800,000 Syrian refugees without any vetting whatever could be pivotal in next year’s German election. The tragedy in Berlin only underlines the unease many Germans — and many other Europeans — feel that they have lost control of their borders.”

There is no way that German officials can vet the 800,000-plus refugees they have permitted into their country. And even if a refugee produces a documentation or a passport it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been stolen, doctored or outright fabricated — ISIS has a demonstrated track record of forging passports.

But in the name of humanitarianism, globalist Angela Merkel has rolled out the welcome mat to nearly one million refugees regardless of the security risks. This year alone, Germany has been subjected to a series of terror attacks: Hannover in February; Reutlingen, Wurzburg, Ansbach and Munich in July; and Ludwigshafen and now Berlin within the last few weeks.

In addition to these terror attacks there’s been a rash of sexual assaults on women in Germany and other European nations by male refugees apparently unable to handle western cultural liberties.

There’s now a growing backlash against Merkel among Germans who may well vote her out of office next year. Call it a M-exit — Merkel exiting her political post.

There’s no question that President-elect Donald Trump’s calls for securing our border, extreme vetting of immigrants entering the U.S. and hitting the pause button on immigration from terror zones is spot on.

In contrast, Germany’s kumbaya “open borders” policy has been inviting trouble. It’s not racist or politically incorrect to want to walk down one’s city street without bombs going off. Or to shop at a Christmas market without trucks mauling shoppers. Donald Trump and his supporters get this. Lefty, politically correct globalists do not.

Adriana Cohen

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