Look in the mirror Mr. Secretary

By December 29, 2016January 3rd, 2017Foreign Policy, Politics

Secretary of State John Kerry wants us to believe that Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu poses the greatest threat to Middle East peace and to a two-state solution — the dream of democratic Jewish and Palestinian states living peacefully side by side.

But it is Kerry himself, with his irresponsible public attack on Israel — on the heels of last week’s cowardly U.S. abstention from the vote on a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israel — who poses the greatest threat to peace.

The fact is, the Palestinians have only ever had a one-state solution, and it isn’t a democratic one. It involves Arab Palestinians overrunning Israel, driving out or killing all Jews. It’s what they teach their children. They talk about it openly. They work toward it diligently with suicide bombs, missile attacks and even knives. They refuse to even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

Kerry’s speech was meant to chide Israel. But its effect will be to embolden Palestinian terrorists, Hezbollah, Iran and even the Islamic State, all no doubt delighted to see this rift between the nation they like to call the Great Satan and the hated Zionists.

Kerry is blaming the victim at a time when anti-Semitism is dangerously escalating around the world. While Israel remains under constant attack, Kerry, with his lengthy screed, professing to condemn terrorism, has instead provided comfort to the people who plot daily to do Israel harm.

This is how Kerry and President Obama see fit to protect our national interests, and our Jewish friends in Israel — our only constant allies against terrorism in the region. They should be ashamed, but you know they aren’t. They are congratulating each other on their courage, for finally throwing Israel under the bus.

It’s a culminating moment for the pair of them, who between them have made careers of advocating abandonment, from Vietnam to Iraq. The Obama administration, which kicked off by apologizing for American actions in the Middle East, abandoned Iranian pro-democracy protesters, abandoned Libya, abandoned Syria, and finally empowered Iran with the disastrous nuclear deal, now exits with a loud condemnation of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

The Obama administration inherited a quiet Middle East, with Iraq pacified, democracy stirring, and terrorists on the run. It leaves the region exporting terrorism from its smoking ruins.

By siding and colluding with the Palestinians, it is John Kerry, not Bibi Netanyahu, who has further destabilized the Middle East. Senior Israeli Cabinet minister Gilad Erdan called Kerry’s speech a “pathetic step,” further heightening tensions.

“Pathetic” is an understatement. The secretary of state, no doubt to the gloating pleasure of his president, has backed Israel into a corner, giving aid and comfort to terrorists and setting conditions for war. That will be Kerry’s pathetic, and tragic legacy.

Adriana Cohen

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