Mainstream media stuck eating big nothingburger

By October 31, 2017November 3rd, 2017Liberal Bias, Politics, Presidental Race 2016

All sizzle, no steak.

That’s what we learned yesterday as indictments were handed out to Paul Manafort and his business associate Rick Gates — mostly involving allegations surrounding tax fraud that predated his involvement with the Trump campaign. The 31-page document had no mention of any Trump campaign collusion with Russians.

No doubt the Trump haters in the mainstream media were crying in their soup last night, or knocking back a stiff drink, because their quest to take down our president — and make a mockery of the GOP in the process — hasn’t yielded any fruit.

What we know is that the charges brought against Manafort allegedly took place years before he ever joined the Trump campaign — and whatever he did on his own time had nothing to do with Donald Trump.

In fact, when Trump learned of Manafort’s shady lobbying work with Ukrainian entities, he swiftly ousted him from his campaign, demonstrating integrity. That’s a character trait missing from swaths of media pundits who have bent over backward helping the Democratic machine spread the whole Russian collusion hoax for over a year.

Can you imagine if the same anti-Trump media spent those thousands of hours discussing the opioid crisis instead? Or used its vaulted perch to raise awareness about sex trafficking? They could’ve saved lives.

The unethical media are more hellbent on destroying a duly elected presidency, and disregarding the voters and the constitutional process that put Donald Trump in the White House. That’s how sick these people are.

But the facts are the facts. And at this moment the only collusion we know of took place within the Clinton camp and the Democratic National Committee, which used their lawyer as a conduit to pay millions of dollars to a slimy opposition research firm which then paid Russian informants and an ex-British spy for fake news to subvert our democracy.

The Clinton cabal has also been accused by an impartial watchdog group of failing to properly disclose millions in campaign expenditures, a violation of campaign finance laws. A federal crime.

Democrats are quickly learning that the politically driven Russian investigation — and their push for a special counsel — is backfiring. Voters are now learning where the real corruption lies.

And come midterms — and the 2020 presidential election — the voters won’t forget.

Adriana Cohen

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