Many are deserving deportation

By November 15, 2016November 17th, 2016Immigration, National Security, Politics

The liberal hypocrites on the internet and the social justice warriors on college campuses are in an uproar, swooning with feigned outrage because President-elect Donald Trump has said he is going to enforce our nation’s immigration laws.

They call him a bigot. They call him a racist. They call him every other possible slur you can imagine.

So what would you call President Obama?

Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than the three prior U.S. presidents. More than both Bushes and President Bill Clinton. According to Pew Research Center, from 2009 to 2014 Obama deported over 2.4 million illegal immigrants. Deportations since then likely put him well over the 3 million mark — the very target number Trump is estimating to deport.

Obama did it in six years. Trump, apparently, would like to speed that up.

We aren’t talking about the parents of the American-born so-called Dreamers. We aren’t talking about people who just come here to work. Trump says he’ll make a determination on them later. We are talking about people who have committed criminal offenses.

Americans are well aware of the horrific crimes that have been committed by illegal aliens throughout our nation. The countless murders and brutal rapes of our neighbors and fellow citizens. Kate Steinle’s murder in San Francisco, and Matthew Denice here in Massachusetts, who was dragged to his death by an illegal drunk driver with a long rap sheet.

Talk about double standards. When an African-American Democrat president deports illegal immigrants he’s praised for respecting the rule of law. But when a white Republican president-elect talks about deporting illegals — when he dares to mention what crimes people who don’t belong here have committed against citizens — he’s a white nationalist and a racist who “wants to break up families.”

Clearly the left is just playing identity politics.

They’d prefer to divide and conquer our great nation rather than unify it based on shared goals — safe communities. They’ll tell you they believe in respecting the law and people’s rights, and then insist on ignoring it when a Republican says he wants to do just that.

Reasonable people realize you can’t have it both ways.

Bravo to our newly elected president for putting our safety first, with his promise to deport up to 3 million criminal illegal immigrants as his first order of business.

Adriana Cohen

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