Media shows bias as outlets pull plug on Trump’s coronavirus updates

By March 29, 2020April 27th, 2020Liberal Bias, Politics, Trump Administration

I don’t know which is bigger or more toxic, the mainstream media’s enormous ego or its incurable bias. Both are an endangerment to public safety during the current pandemic.

If you’ve noticed lefty media outlets have been insisting for over a year now that the White House return its daily press briefings yet when the President does just that with his important Coronavirus Task Force updates, networks are refusing to cover it or cutting away from it.

Oh, the irony. It’s no wonder so few trust the media today.

“The press pushes for daily @WhiteHouse press conferences all day, every day. Now they have them w @realDonaldTrump himself & many choose not to cover them. Odd response when you consider it is literally their job to report vital news of the day,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham tweeted Friday.

According to a report in The Daily Beast, MSNBC and CNN “will be ready to cut away from the briefings” when the informational portions “give way to unsupported presidential speculation and outright falsehoods.”

Of course the biased media didn’t cut away nor refuse to cover former President Obama’s many falsehoods when he promised dozens of times during televised speeches “if you like your health care plan and your doctor you can keep it.” Or when his administration lied about the video and deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.

Those “falsehoods” don’t count — nor do the media’s own conspiracy theories and lies —they’ve peddled to unsuspecting viewers on a regular basis.

Russia Collusion? Check.

Jussie Smollett fake hate crime? Check.

MAGA hat Covington High School kids? Check, check.

Last week NBC/MSNBC Contributor Gabriel Sherman tweeted, “Trump is literally turning all three cable news networks into State TV. Live daily campaign rallies for the President to strengthen his hold on power. Unprecedented departure from American norms.”

On Friday MSNBC host Rachel Maddow suggested that networks stop carrying the president’s coronavirus press briefings. “If he keeps lying like he has been every day on stuff this important, all of us should stop broadcasting it,” she said.

Translation: The media is blocking voters from seeing what an effective job the president is doing managing the crisis because they know it’s boosting his approval ratings — exactly what they don’t want during an election year.

Never mind that it’s critically important for Americans to stay informed about the coronavirus to protect ourselves and our families. But clearly the twisted media cares more about censoring the president than your health and well being. Despicable I know.

Adriana Cohen

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