Mitch Holmes’ dress code: Women can’t be ‘distraction’

By January 25, 2016Women's Issues

There’s a GOP lawmaker who may need a cold shower. Pronto. Before we have to press 911 and call the fashion police.

In Kansas, state Sen. and chairman of the Kansas Senate’s Ethics and Elections Committee Mitch Holmes has imposed a dress code for women — banning low-cut tops, miniskirts, tight pants and other “provocative” fashion choices while testifying in the Kansas Legislature. Holmes says these types of clothing are a “distraction.”

Translation: “Women are hot. I’ve noticed and can’t concentrate. I want them dressing like they do in my grandmother’s knitting circle.”

Sounds like this guy needs to crank up the air conditioning or be put in a time capsule back to the 1950s’ “Leave it to Beaver” days. Jeez, even Marcia Brady in the ’70s TV series “The Brady Bunch” wore a miniskirt. I imagine this prude changed the channel.

Last Thursday, Holmes rolled out his 11-point “code of conduct” dress code — just for women. But no dress code for men. Talk about double standards. Does this lawmaker know that women find men who dress sharply in a suit and tie … sexy? Or what about fit men with athletic bodies? Will Holmes be covering up their 
“assets” with a jacket upon entering the State House?

Don’t get me started. Feminists everywhere are already screaming from the rooftops. Who can blame them?

In the 21st century, men have no business telling women how to dress. We’re fully capable of making those decisions for ourselves. Yet a persistent sexism still exists in modern America and at times women are also guilty of playing into outdated gender stereotypes. Actress Tina Fey of SNL fame is one of them. Fey continues to portray former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as a stupid sexpot despite the fact that anyone who can become a governor of a state, as Palin did, must actually be smart and accomplished.

Hillary Clinton’s age and 
ensemble choices on the campaign trail continually enter 
political conversations, and are 
often ridiculed, when we should be focused on her resume and 
where she stands on the issues facing our country.

Bottom line: In America, women shouldn’t have to choose 
between being attractive or being smart. We’re capable of both and should wear whatever the heck we want. Sexy or not. Without being judged.

Adriana Cohen

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