Musk Is Defending Freedom Like a Modern-Day Ronald Reagan

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Elon Musk buying Twitter and taking over the controversial social media platform is the greatest defense of freedom and democracy since President Ronald Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” in 1987.

For years now, Twitter, Facebook, Google and other Big Tech giants — run by rabid left-wing political activists — have been wrongfully and deceitfully silencing scores of conservatives and anyone who strays from their stringent liberal orthodoxy. Whether those who dissent with the elites’ political viewpoints are exposing facts or the truth is irrelevant; all that matters to Big Tech oligarchs is controlling the narrative and the dissemination of information in order to keep Democrats in power at any cost.

Freedom of speech and free elections be dammed.

In September 2018, I testified before Congress at The State of Intellectual Freedom in America hearing, sharing my experience with social media censorship. As a former marquee conservative opinion columnist for the Boston Herald and radio host who has interviewed former President Donald Trump and countless leaders across industries, I was shocked when Twitter and Facebook unjustifiably shadow-banned my nationally syndicated column for years. They also censored my high-profile radio interviews with major politicians in Washington and other influencers for no reason other than they simply didn’t want me — or others like me in the media — swaying public opinion that could cost Democrats in future elections.

I never violated its terms of service; I simply posted my popular columns carried by newspapers and media outlets nationwide, my news-breaking radio interviews and my mainstream conservative opinions held by half the country, which were silenced by Big Tech billionaires who run these quasi-monopolistic platforms. You can find articles I’ve published on social media censorship and my congressional transcript online.

For comparison, imagine being a musician trying to make a living but the predominant radio station in America won’t play your song because you have different political persuasions than a handful of those in power. That’s blatant discrimination and exactly what Twitter and Facebook did to me — and conservatives like me en masse — to control the political narrative to tilt elections.

For instance, when I interviewed Trump on my former Herald Radio podcast in May 2019, I tweeted to my thousands of Twitter followers about the exciting interview. Response? Crickets. My tweet announcing the exclusive interview and subsequent recording of it got virtually zero traction on these slanted social media platforms, but elsewhere in the real world, the interview went viral. Major media picked it up, breaking news nationally — but if you were on Twitter or Facebook, you’d never know it because they wrongfully restricted my content.

Just like they did to the New York Post blocking its accurate reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Make no mistake; this is exactly what Communist China does to its people and President Vladimir Putin is doing right now in Russia. These repressive regimes — controlled by unaccountable brutal dictators who commit heinous human rights violations and other atrocities — censor information they deem “misinformation” and punish journalists who expose the truth if they dare publish anything the government doesn’t like.

Chillingly, that’s where America was headed with lightning speed if Musk hadn’t intervened and purchased Twitter this week.

The Tesla CEO fully understands — as do many conservatives — that when Big Tech says they’re just censoring “misinformation,” that means they disproportionally mute conservative opinions they disagree with. There’s no fairness on these social media networks or equal application of its so-called rules, which are so blatantly biased and arbitrary they’re meaningless.

For instance, Big Tech banned Trump from its platforms because they claim he’s “dangerous” and a threat to Democracy, but social media networks permit the Taliban and other terrorists to have accounts. They allow human traffickers on its platforms and other nefarious actors — including the Russian government and/or its officials, who are actively committing genocide and war crimes against the Ukrainian people as the world watches in horror.

Obviously, their “rules” are a total joke. Hence, many conservatives got fed up with the rigged system and quit Twitter in protest, me included, as well as other social media platforms.

Can you blame us?

Bottom line: Freedom of speech is the bedrock of a democracy. Without freedom of expression, a free press and the ability to share ideas without fear of reprisal, we become subjects of the state, spoon-fed propaganda by elites in power. Communist China and Russia, for instance, restrict their citizens from accessing the internet, social media and/or other vital information — a terrifying reality no American should support; I don’t care how you vote.

Bravo to Musk for acting and saving America from this dangerous trajectory. He’s a modern-day Ronald Reagan protecting freedom and values we hold dear.

Adriana Cohen

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