Nanny State on a slippery slope with sled ban

By January 7, 2015February 12th, 2015First Amendment

The Nanny State is at it again! 

First they went after soda, salt and trans fats. Then goodies in the classroom. 

With ISIS on the loose, who knew celebrating a kindergartner’s birthday with an innocuous cupcake was a threat to society! 

Now they’re banning good old fashioned fun — sledding! A wholesome, family winter pastime enjoyed by millions for generations. 

Yup, that’s right. 

Who knew getting out an inflatable tube or sled and sliding down a snow-covered hill was “dangerous.” It is to city council officials in Dubuque, Iowa, where they’ve banned sledding in 48 out of 50 parks. Or in parts of Nebraska and other cities and towns — including the Bridgewater-Raynham school district — now banning it. 

The reason? Officials claim it’s for liability reasons. In Nebraska, a 5-year-old girl became paralyzed in a sledding accident and sued for millions. Although my heart goes out to the young girl, the government has no business banning sledding, period. 

First off, it’s excessive overreach to dictate to the masses what outdoor activities it can and cannot participate in. It’s an encroachment on our collective freedoms to have elected officials making private decisions for us. Individuals should weigh risks — should risk even present itself — and not have day-to-day life decisions made for us by bureaucrats. 

Last time I checked, they worked for us, the taxpayers. 

Here’s a reality check: Life has its inherent dangers and you cannot bubble-wrap the masses. If we allow the Nanny State to ban sledding because some goober sitting in an insurance company doesn’t want to get sued, then watch your liberties disappear. 

Personally, I love mountain biking. When I’m at my place in Jackson Hole every summer I take my sons mountain biking on hilly, challenging terrain. Given we could wipe out or possibly get injured, should we allow the government to ban biking on hills? 

Hey, I know, maybe we should ban eating grapes as a post-workout snack because someone could possibly choke on one. 

This is ridiculous! 

Bottom line: In an age of countless screens, kids are spending too much time indoors. The last thing America should be doing is banning sledding. When they’re adults, stuck at a cubicle all day, wishing they were 10 years old again — out sledding — they’ll thank us. 

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