National Tragedies Expose Myth of ‘White Privilege’

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Is “white privilege” real, or is it a harmful and culturally divisive construct manufactured by left-wing special interest groups and those who seek to divide America for political gain?

Let’s begin by stating the obvious that if white privilege truly exists, that would mean white Americans are receiving special “privileges,” benefits and security that their nonwhite counterparts are not. That’s malarky, as President Joe Biden likes to say, if one looks at critically important issues facing Americans today — the shortage of life-sustaining baby formula, the epidemic of school shootings, and the limited access to mental health services exacerbated by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic that has affected us all the past 30 months.

Take the baby formula crisis. Right now, in Biden’s America, millions of mothers are scrambling to find formula to feed their infants. Across America, desperate parents of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds and demographics are being negatively impacted by the nationwide shortage — not just nonwhite families. If “white privilege” really existed, wouldn’t white parents be excluded from the hardship and get special “privileges” to access baby formula?

Think about it. If there were ever a time to benefit from a “privilege,” wouldn’t keeping one’s baby alive top the list? Yes, as there’s nothing more important than the health, safety and well-being of our precious children. But the reality is every parent who’s in need of baby formula right now is being impacted by the nationwide shortage. There aren’t unique “privileges” afforded to white parents where they get to go to an exclusive supermarket, CVS or big-box store at special times to get baby formula while nonwhite parents are denied equal access. Nor are there online vendors for white parents only; that’s blatant discrimination and against the law.

In Biden’s America, every formula-fed baby is at high risk due to his administration’s utter incompetence in managing the domestic manufacturing of baby formula and supply chain issues. So the next time you encounter someone fomenting division and perpetuating the corrosive narrative surrounding “white privilege,” ask them to provide real-world evidence that white parents are getting special privileges to obtain baby formula compared with their nonwhite neighbors.

You’ll win the argument because there is none.

Next, look at the scourge of horrific school shootings that have been happening across America over the years. If “white privilege” existed, that would suggest only nonwhite students, faculty and families would be impacted by these terrifying events, not those living in predominantly white ZIP codes, as they would be benefitting from special “privileges” such as enhanced school security, mental health services and other resources to ward off these deadly attacks. That’s simply not the case. Since 1999, there have been 14 mass shootings at U.S. schools that have killed 169 victims in both predominantly white ZIP codes and racially diverse ones.

These atrocious events have affected all Americans — not just those living in nonwhite school districts. The reality is white parents have the same concerns about gun violence and fears sending their children to school today as their nonwhite friends and neighbors.

Again, everyone is being impacted, if not traumatized, by mass school shootings taking place in our country — not just people of color.

Same with the mental health crisis happening in America today. Scores of Americans across the spectrum are struggling to get access to therapists, social workers and other mental health professionals, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. White citizens are not exempt from these challenges, nor are they receiving special “privileges” in getting appointments or treatment. Again, that’s racial discrimination and against the law.

Bottom line: Before any American buys into the culturally corrosive narrative surrounding “white privilege,” do a reality check first.

Adriana Cohen

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