New prez to set country back on success track

President-elect Trump can finally get something done.

Republicans control the House and Senate and that means a Trump administration can cut through all the crippling gridlock.

Sure, there will be political opposition, there always is, but hacks do so at their own risk. That means you, Elizabeth Warren, whose unhinged Twitter rants throughout the campaign proved to be useless.

Trump’s historic victory isn’t just the upset of the century, it’s a referendum on jobs and bad trade deals that are harming American workers. Your neighbors might be better off in the years to come when President Trump puts creating jobs for American citizens at the top of his to-do list.

Look for relief on taxes and stifling business regulation. Obamacare, which is crushing the middle class with exploding costs and diminished choice, will be trashed or improved. But perhaps our failing Veterans Administration service and immigration system, the key issues that mobilized voters to Trump, will now be fixed.

Trump’s astounding victory means Angel Moms who’ve lost their children at the hands of criminal aliens will sleep a little more soundly knowing our communities are safer with Trump willing to secure our porous border, while veterans will finally get the help they deserve.

Trump closed the deal Tuesday night despite enormous odds. He had to do battle with a well-oiled and well-funded Democratic machine that stops at nothing to hold onto power. He also had to combat a hostile media who did everything they could to sway voters — unethically — to Clinton’s camp.

They called the businessman a clown, a laughingstock, a joke and worse.

The message? In America and in life, underdogs can and do succeed. And regardless if you like or loathe Trump, that’s a good thing for all of us. It means anybody’s got a shot.

Adriana Cohen

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