Newfound friendship between Mitt Romney, Donald Trump just business

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If Abraham Lincoln was able to bring his rivals together for the good of the country, so can Donald Trump.

And for the president-elect, there’s perhaps no greater rival than the varsity captain of the “Never Trump” movement, Mitt Romney, who unloaded a dumpster full of criticisms against the billionaire businessman during the election. Who can forget the cringeworthy Utah speech when Mitt called Donald a fraud?

Get out your Etch A Sketch. It looks as though the two titans have shaken off the distrust and now Trump is seriously considering giving the former Bay State governor the nod as secretary of state.

It’s a perfect fit for Mitt, who demonstrated his foreign policy chops during a 2012 presidential debate when he warned about Russia being one of America’s greatest geopolitical threats.

How right he was. But foreign policy instinct isn’t enough. If that were the only barometer to lead the State Department, Trump could tap former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, who is fluent in foreign affairs and possesses perhaps an even greater depth of knowledge than Romney.

What Romney offers that Rudy Giuliani and others under consideration do not is exceptional business skills, which would be a tremendous asset when crafting the nation’s foreign economic policy such as structuring complicated trade deals, handling China’s currency manipulation, repatriating billions of dollars in lost tax revenue due to corporate inversions and other matters of global finance.

Romney, having negotiated many business deals successfully over his career at Bain Capital, would also be an asset to Donald Trump when re-negotiating the Iran nuclear deal, NATO payments and trade deficits.

A caveat in choosing Romney, however, could be a potential conflict in political ideology. Trump is a nationalist while Mitt leans more globalist. Not a deal breaker, as a middle position may ultimately serve America’s interests. There’s also the risk Romney would not prove to be a loyal ally to Trump given their past relationship “issues.”

But there’s no question that Romney’s statesman-like demeanor would be a nice balance to Trump’s more aggressive style. The two business moguls could prove to be a marriage made in heaven for our economy.

Adriana Cohen

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