No hats off to rallies’ huge double standard

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Hundreds of thousands of women who still can’t get over Hillary Clinton’s crushing defeat marched in women’s rallies around the world yesterday in protest of President Trump’s policies and overlooked the fact that they should’ve backed a better candidate.

One who was trustworthy, charismatic — and not under FBI investigation.

But instead of looking to bridge the divide after a presidential campaign that left Americans increasingly polarized, throngs of women donning “pussyhats” marched in rallies from Washington, D.C., to Sydney, Australia, yesterday while waving signs attacking the new American president, the border wall he hopes to build and the “divisive rhetoric” that he spread during his run for the Oval Office.

Of course none of these women were up in arms and protesting when Hillary “went low” by calling Republicans “deplorables” and comparing conservatives to “terrorist groups.” Liberal women everywhere gave her a pass. They also looked the other way when she didn’t walk the walk when it came to advocating for equal pay for women while serving as a U.S. senator for New York. Senate financial expenditures show Hillary gave the majority of the top-paying jobs to men.

Under Hillary’s watch, women made 72 cents on the man’s dollar — a fact that didn’t result in widespread demonstrations.

These “pussyhatters” also gave President Obama a monumental pass for failing women economically.

Under Obama’s watch, more than 2 million women fell into poverty, according to 2014 Census Bureau reports. The Obama administration also failed to put “equal pay” into practice over the last two terms. But these left-wing women — with their blatant double standards — chose to turn their rage against Trump instead.

Many of those who gathered in Washington, D.C., yesterday expressed their outrage over Trump’s plan to protect Americans by building a massive wall along the southern border. Clearly they don’t realize that more than 65 nations around the world — including many of our NATO allies in Europe — have border walls and fencing aimed at keeping illegal immigrants, terrorists and criminals out of their countries.

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