No holds barred in Democrats’ attacks

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Democrats want you to believe that what is happening on Capitol Hill in the Kavanaugh nomination is an earnest investigation of an allegation of sexual assault.

Make no mistake, it’s a political hit job.

With the circus we’re witnessing in Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination hearings, Democrats have politicized sexual harassment and violence against women by holding Republican men accountable for allegations of sexual misconduct — without evidence — while ignoring allegations of sexual harassment and violence against women by high-ranking Democratic men within their own caucus.

Democrats, including U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, are vociferously blocking the nomination of Kavanaugh, a family man with an impressive career and sterling reputation, though the allegations made by his accuser date back 36 years and lack any substantiating evidence. This is an allegation they sat on for six weeks, not allowing anyone to investigate, until the last possible moment, as a delaying tactic. For the “Resist” crowd, Kavanaugh is guilty without a chance of being proven innocent, despite the fact that his accuser can’t remember key details related to the alleged incident at a teenage drinking party, in addition to problems with her story. But facts and evidence don’t matter to Democrats. Their mission is to obstruct the Trump administration at any cost, even if that means destroying an innocent man’s life.

Their excuse? They claim they’re “standing for women.”

Laughable, given they didn’t stand up for Bill Clinton’s many accusers, including Juanita Broderick who accused the former president of rape. To the contrary, feminists dismissed the many allegations of sexual misconduct by Hillary Clinton’s predator husband and rallied to his defense. Same with Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Keith Ellison. In recent weeks, Ellison has been accused of sexual mistreatment by two women. Did Warren or House Minority Leader Chuck Schumer or any high-ranking Democrat demand his resignation?

Of course not.

U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) joined me on Herald Radio yesterday and said this about the Kavanaugh allegations: “I dial back to 1991 and Clarence Thomas and the terrible, terrible assassination, the political assassination they did. He called it a high-tech lynching. Well, this is a similar thing with Kavanaugh with even less substance.”

Democrats will stop at nothing to derail the Trump administration in their quest to take back power in the midterms.

Due process be damned.

Adriana Cohen

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