Nothing will change without two-party rule

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Charlie Baker promised Republicans at their state convention Saturday that, if he is elected governor, “Beacon Hill will never be the same.”

That was sweet music to Republicans throughout the commonwealth, who can’t stomach another day of failed liberal progressive policies.

For starters, the Department of Children and Families has been a paramount failure.

Under Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration, vulnerable children have been abused and mistreated, and in the case of Jeremiah Oliver, lost and now presumed dead. Obviously this important agency hasn’t been managed properly by our Democratic leaders on Beacon Hill. Truth is, too many of them care more about protecting incompetent bureaucrats than protecting kids.

The state’s Health Connector website continues to be a massive, costly failure. The tab, experts predict, easily will top 100 million taxpayer dollars for a site that’s been so mismanaged, it’s had to be totally rebuilt. All for something, as designed by former Gov. Mitt Romney, that had been working fine.

Clearly, progressives forgot the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t ?x it.”

The disastrous website is a perfect example of why Republicans reject Big Government. They know it’s not making our lives any better. It’s just hurting hard-working families, the struggling business sector and adding trillions to our national debt.

For what? To give millions of uninsured people “affordable” health care per President Obama, we’re told. But reality speaks differently.

Not only have millions of Americans already lost their health insurance, but the Congressional Budget Office reports, millions are likely to remain without it.

Another Big Government “experiment” gone wrong on the backs of taxpayers.

And let’s not forget the state’s costly crime and drug lab scandals, and EBT fraud. The runaway spending, the sky-high taxes and ongoing unemployment.

It’s no surprise Bay Staters are thirsty for new leadership. They know that if there isn’t two-party rule on Beacon Hill, nothing will change. We’ll continue to see critical state agencies fail its citizens at an enormous price. And for Jeremiah Oliver, the missing boy who was under DCF supervision, that price is too high.

Bottom Line: Massachusetts doesn’t need “Hope.” It needs “Change.” Let’s start with the governor’s ofice.

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