Now, we can look forward to the real Russia investigation

Ya gotta know when to fold em’.

That’s what someone should tell delusional Democrats still targeting President Trump and harassing the president with endless, abusive investigations despite special counsel Robert Mueller’s finding of #NoCollusion and #NoObstruction.

Instead of accepting they were wrong — there were no crimes committed by the president — and moving on, Democrats are now shooting the messenger by smearing Attorney General Bill Barr and calling for him to resign.

The president, however, isn’t having it.

In an exclusive interview on my Boston Herald Radio show Wednesday, Trump said the attorney general is “a very, very high quality person.” Trump added that the attacks Democrats are lobbing at such a distinguished and widely respected career professional at the Department of Justice “shouldn’t happen to him.”

If you skipped Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing or ignored U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Twitter feed Wednesday, pat yourself on the back. You didn’t miss anything. Warren called for Barr to resign while Democrats attacked the AG’s integrity, trying to paint him as a partisan hack who mischaracterized the special counsel’s report after it was delivered to the DOJ so as to protect the president.

Ludicrous, given A) Barr is an impartial arbiter of justice with a sterling reputation, and B) Mueller’s team of 19 prosecutors didn’t find that the president committed any crimes, so what is there to protect exactly?

The answer is nothing.

That’s what all this political noise is about — nothing. It’s just a distraction to divert voters’ attention away from the robust economy, historically low unemployment for all Americans and high wages Trump has ushered in since becoming president.

But the tide is about to turn. Yesterday the president said he’s declassifying the FISA documents that corrupt Democrats and the Deep State used to get the authority to spy on his 2016 presidential campaign, and that critical information will be going public “in the not too distant future.”

Barr indicated we can expect an investigation into the effort to unseat the president. Trump also told me a lot more information will be coming out shedding light on the whole Russian Collusion Hoax.

“I’m looking forward to the Inspector General’s report,” Trump said.

So are we, Mr. President. So are we.

Adriana Cohen

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