Obama, Kerry should have listened to Bibi

Bibi was right.

In a historic address before a joint session of Congress last year, he warned that Iran could not be trusted.

Now Iran has again brazenly violated U.N. Security Council resolutions by test-firing ballistic missiles despite newly 
imposed sanctions.

Just last March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed deep concerns that the Iran nuclear deal pushed by Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama — and backed by Democrats in Congress, including U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, and U.S. Reps. Seth Moulton and Steve Lynch — would prove to be a colossal mistake.

Netanyahu warned that Iran would only temporarily halt its nuclear weapons program — if at all — while accepting $150 billion in frozen assets that would be used to strengthen its military and fund terror groups worldwide.

Yet Democrats in the White House and Congress refused to heed Bibi’s warnings or even pay him respect by attending his prescient speech.

Of course, Iran’s latest major provocation comes well after it received that $150 billion payoff. And after it forced 10 U.S. Navy sailors to their knees in an execution position to 
humiliate America.

And some think Donald Trump, if elected president, would be bad for national 
security. How is this administration doing?

In response to Iran’s latest provocation, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, 
R-Calif., was livid, as well he should be.

“Far from pushing Iran to a more moderate engagement with its neighbors, this nuclear deal is enabling Iran’s aggression and terrorist activities,” McCarthy said yesterday. “Sanctions relief is fueling Iran’s proxies from Yemen to Iraq to Syria to Lebanon. Meanwhile, Khamenei and the Iranian regime are acting with impunity because they know President Obama will not hold them accountable and risk the public destruction of his nuclear deal, the cornerstone of the president’s foreign policy legacy.”

This is what happens when we have a commander in chief whose foreign policy is built on wishful thinking.

Obama and John Kerry think that if they placate Iran with concessions, they’ll magically stop being the world’s central banker of terror and instead join the “community of nations.”

Adriana Cohen

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