Obama’s Benghazi remark a new low

By September 10, 2018Foreign Policy, Politics

t’s bad enough former President Barack Obama and his then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton left four Americans for dead in Benghazi the night radical Islamist terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate in Libya and nearby annex on Sept. 12, 2012, taking the lives of Winchester native Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

But with the sixth anniversary just days away Obama’s remarks couldn’t be more ill timed or insensitive to the victims’ families, who will suffer through another painful anniversary missing their loved ones.

In an outrageous partisan speech delivered at the University of Illinois Friday, Obama sent shockwaves through the social media stratosphere by dismissing the outrage over the 2012 massacre in Benghazi as the result of a “wild conspiracy theory” perpetuated by conservatives and Republican members of Congress.

Talk about #FakeNews.

First off, you don’t need a Harvard degree to know that the flag-draped caskets of four dead Americans that arrived at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland two days after the attack had nothing to do with any “conspiracy.”

Obama should try telling that to the victims’ families.

Right-wing conspirators weren’t the ones who cooked up and kept doubling down on the absurd claim that the targeted and prolonged attack, with mortars and other heavy weaponry, was a demonstration over an internet Mohammed-mocking video that just got out of hand.

They weren’t the ones who lied repeatedly and continued to stonewall the truth, so that we didn’t find out until years later that Hillary Clinton had emailed her daughter, Chelsea, in the immediate aftermath, saying the attack was committed by an ­al-Qaeda faction — even as U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was out there repeating the video line.

Elites like Obama must think the American people either suffer from amnesia or we’re too stupid to know any better.

But I do know what happened, as do Herald readers and Herald Radio listeners who remember our interviews with Glen Doherty’s sister and the three CIA contractors on the ground that night who heroically saved dozens of lives fighting off scores of jihadists — terrorists who launched RPG’s and other artillery at patriotic Americans while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama went back to bed.

That six years later Obama is still trying to rewrite history in order to take a cheap shot at President Trump and fellow Republicans is as low as you can go.

Clearly Democrats don’t have a winning message leading into the midterms if dishonoring the fallen is all they’ve got.

Adriana Cohen

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