Only terrorists laughing at pranks like this one

By December 5, 2015December 9th, 2015Terrorism
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In an age of terror where 14 Americans were just slaughtered in San Bernardino by ISIS-loving killers, anyone who engages in a hoax bomb threat should get the book thrown at them.

That includes the guy accused of doing just that on Atlantic Avenue yesterday.

James Derepentigny, a 50-year-old from Lawrence, is charged with planting a suitcase near a Homeland Security vehicle and walking away.

Streets were shut down, jamming traffic all over as the bomb squad was called in to detonate the curious “device.”

The mood was chilling. People were afraid and they have every right to be, with the marathon bombings, the ISIS-inflicted Paris attack and the FBI finding a bomb factory in the San Bernardino home of the husband-and-wife killers.

We’ve seen incidents at Harvard University, on airplanes and elsewhere around the country shut down our daily lives all because of bogus bomb threats. This must stop!

Our justice system must inflict serious penalties on all perpetrators.

We’re waging a War on Terror, and any individual who wastes law enforcement’s time and resources should be left to sleep on a steel mattress for a few years. Then the hoax may not be so funny.

See something, say something is the rule of the day. All a hoax does is erode that a little bit every time the false alarm is sounded. The terrorists must be laughing at us today.

The city came to a standstill over a joke, but nobody’s laughing.

In our politically correct, Obama-in-charge America, speaking out can get you in trouble. It’s time to flip that equation.

We all need to speak up more often and come down harder on those who mock safety precautions.

We’re at war with ISIS — which has released videos threatening to bomb Times Square and Washington, D.C. As a public safety measure, we must take any and all bomb threats seriously — not coddle hoaxers and make excuses for them.

The FBI urged Americans not to succumb to hysteria yesterday over the California massacre. Point taken.

Now let’s add to that: President Obama should go on air and urge all Americans to look out for each other and deal with the ISIS threat seriously. No more hoaxes.

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