Open Borders Dems Threaten US Health Care System

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Coronavirus will be the coup de grace of the Democratic Party, as sensible Americans of all backgrounds understand amidst a highly contagious global pandemic that the United States needs more border enforcement, not less.

It simply makes no sense to permit millions of people from all over the world to pour into our country illegally, many of whom could be carrying the infectious virus and spreading it to Americans. So, contrary to the left’s talking points, border security and enforcement aren’t “xenophobic,” as Democratic presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden claim they are — far from it.

Building the wall along the porous southern border and enforcing sensible immigration laws is a matter of national security.

After all, the No. 1 responsibility of the president of the United States is to protect our citizens from any threat, foreign or domestic. This includes safeguarding our nation from the spread of highly contagious and infectious diseases that can cause severe illness or death. To date, at least 242,000 people have contracted coronavirus globally and over 9,800 have died from it. These numbers will continue to rise, especially in the U.S., where most have not yet been tested for the virus.

It’s just common sense to screen all those who are coming into one’s country — especially during a global pandemic — and that’s why the vast majority of countries worldwide are enforcing their own borders.

Hospitals in New York, California, Washington, Massachusetts and elsewhere are overwhelmed combatting the coronavirus. Many doctors, nurses and health care providers don’t have basic necessities such as protective masks, ventilators, hospital beds and other emergency equipment and resources to accommodate our own citizens.

Hence the need for social distancing and mass self-quarantining to blunt the spread of the disease. Yet far-left liberals like Sanders and Biden not only want open borders — as do the rest of their out-of-touch party — they’ve also pledged to give health care to millions of illegal immigrants. How is that even possible when the current U.S. health care system is already stressed to the max and struggling to provide adequate medical care for its own citizens?

This week, President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. government will be converting two Navy ships into floating hospitals to provide relief to overcrowded medical facilities. Now ask yourself this: Does it make any sense to add millions more foreign nationals to our already strained health care system?

And who will be paying for millions of illegal immigrants’ health care if Biden or Sanders is elected president in November? The stark reality is that millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to the pandemic with more employment losses to come during this spiraling crisis. This crisis has affected all 50 states and brought the U.S. economy to a screeching halt. “As fallout from the coronavirus pandemic hits the economy, it’s slamming the American workforce: Some 18% of adults reported that they had been laid off or that their work hours had been cut, a new poll found,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

Restaurants and bars have closed nationwide as well as shopping malls, retail shops and scores of other businesses that have had to lay off their workers, who are now in need of unemployment insurance and other government benefits.

Yet the Democratic Party’s presumptive front-runners, Biden and Sanders, have failed to explain how their reckless open borders policy and promises of health care to millions of illegal immigrants will be supported by a deluged health care system and paid for by taxpayers — especially during an ongoing pandemic that’s estimated to continue for many months.

This is all the more reason Trump is poised to sail to reelection come November. He’s not only demonstrating bold and decisive leadership throughout this crisis, but the situation itself has proven the need for sensible border enforcement and the construction of the wall.

It’s unfortunate it took a pandemic and a near-collapsed U.S. health care system for voters to finally see it for themselves.

Adriana Cohen

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