Party can kiss me goodbye if front-runner shown the door

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adriana cohen boston herald cover article march 20, 2016If the GOP establishment elite — including “Meddling” Mitt Romney — succeed in manipulating the system and robbing front-runner Donald Trump of the party nomination at the 
national convention in Cleveland this summer, I’m quitting the 
Republican Party.

It’s just wrong to deny the presidential nomination to a candidate who has won the most states and the most delegates in the primaries and caucuses fair and square.

Just imagine if the Patriots were in first place all season and they earned a spot in the Super Bowl. But the NFL commissioner and a bunch of other power brokers in the NFL hate Tom Brady, so they do everything in their power to deny the Patriots their chance in the biggest game of the year. Instead of coalescing around the first-place team, the elitists manipulate the system and even change the rules to push the Patriots out and replace them with a third- or fourth-place team in the Super Bowl instead.

Patriots Nation would revolt. As they should.

This is pretty much the state of the Republican Party right now. Party leaders and power brokers are working overtime to stop Trump with backroom shenanigans, “war council” meetings and other measures to sideline the front-runner. This includes the possibility of introducing a third-party candidate to derail Trump.

If these dirty-pool tactics are deployed, all hell is going to break loose in the GOP.

In a democracy, the people choose the nominee of their party, not the powerful elite who manipulate the system and rules simply because they don’t like the voters’ choice. Elections are supposed to be decided by the people at the ballot box, not 
party brass.

That is the antithesis of a democracy. It’s a slimy system no better than a Third World country that suppresses grass-roots movements with rigged elections.

Should establishment elites engage in foul play at the convention, if Trump doesn’t secure the required 1,237 delegates, it will backfire for years to come. It will also hand the White House to the Democrats for another four years, because Trump supporters who’ve been alienated by party leaders’ dirty tricks will protest by refusing to vote in the general election.

Hillary Clinton will become president.

It may also cause a mass exodus from the Republican Party.

Adriana Cohen

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