Please run for president, John Kerry!

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Track record proves Dems’ incompetence

Run, John, run!

John Kerry, the Democratic Party’s 2004 loser, informed us this weekend he hasn’t ruled out a 2020 run, and we should welcome this.

Voters may need another reminder in 2020 of how colossally incompetent and morally bankrupt the Democrat party is and Kerry’s track record as a U.S. senator from Massachusetts and as secretary of state is a shining example.

Make no mistake, Kerry can’t run from his legacy, whether that was supporting U.S. intervention in Iraq during the Bush administration or intervention in Libya under Obama, which left that country a failed state in flames overrun by al-Qaeda and other radicals.

So much for the liberal line that Republicans are foreign policy hawks. Kerry’s got two black eyes on that front and that’s before he took the helm as America’s chief diplomat, spearheading the failed Iran nuclear deal and Paris climate agreement while the global refugee crisis exploded — on his watch — arguably the worst humanitarian crisis in a generation.

But that’s not all.

Under Kerry’s so called “leadership” at the pinnacle of the U.S. State Department, North Korea rapidly advanced its nuclear arsenal, Syrian butcher Bashar al-Assad committed genocide and Russia annexed Crimea while Kerry made headlines cruising the Antarctic “fighting” climate change.

Talk about out of touch.

And then there was ISIS. The radical Islamist army established a caliphate, beheaded scores and spread its deadly tentacles throughout the globe during the Obama years. Kerry’s response? He said air conditioners and refrigerators pose as big a threat to “life on the planet” as terrorism.

Sure, try telling that to thousands of ISIS victims around the world brutally killed, tortured or maimed in Iraq and Syria as well as at least 140 terror attacks throughout the world including Nice, Paris, Brussels and the United States.

Now Massachusetts is on the verge of sending three of its top Democrat 1-percenters to Washington to challenge Trump in 2020 — Elizabeth Warren, Deval Patrick and Kerry.

A hat trick that will repel informed voters in droves.

So let’s get this started. Run, John, run!

Adriana Cohen

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