Politicians need to moderate on abortion

By May 19, 2019May 24th, 2019Politics, Women's Issues

The abortion debate is now pitched in the extreme — with far right states passing near outright bans and far left ones protecting late-term and partial-birth procedures. Politicians should look to the middle, like most Americans, and find moderate ground on the issue.

In Alabama, the conservative far right legislature has outlawed abortion at any time during a woman’s pregnancy — with exceptions only when there is a serious health risk to the woman. This is immoral, forcing rape and incest victims to carry a baby to term resulting from a non-consensual, violent act. The Alabama law also criminalizes abortion, exposing doctors who perform the procedure to up to 99 years in prison while rapists spend less time behind bars.

How does this make any sense? It doesn’t.

Thankfully President Trump is not an extremist on this issue. Although decidedly pro-life, he believes, like former President Ronald Reagan, there should be an exception to an abortion ban for victims of rape and incest as well as to protect the life of the mother.

On the other side, extremist Democrat presidential hopefuls including Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and other far left liberals shouldn’t sign off recklessly on late-term or partial-birth abortion. Research suggests that at 20 weeks gestation, babies can feel pain. Many premature babies can survive outside the womb. Their precious lives shouldn’t be “terminated” simply because a mother doesn’t want the baby. These infants should be put up for adoption and placed in loving homes instead.

Late-term abortion should never be a “choice” unless there’s a legitimate medical emergency requiring it.

With respect to partial-birth abortion, it’s simply unconscionable for Democrats — or anyone for that matter — to reject legislation that allows pain medication for babies that survive the gruesome procedure. Reasonable adults on both sides of the aisle must also agree that infanticide should be outlawed.

Lost in the national conversation on abortion are all the women who have had the procedure and regret it. Why aren’t their stories being told to educate women holistically before a major life decision?

Gratefully, many Americans despite party affiliation are moderates on this issue. They support Roe v. Wade in the first trimester — only — but don’t support late-term abortion on demand.

Hopefully moderate voices will prevail on this important issue.

Adriana Cohen

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