President Donald Trump’s bold leadership on display in breaking Iran deal

By May 9, 2018May 18th, 2018Foreign Policy, Politics

Calling the Iran nuclear agreement “defective at its core,” our commander in chief has shown bold leadership, announcing the United States is withdrawing from the disastrous deal and that he’ll reinstate sanctions against the hostile regime that openly chants “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

A terribly flawed deal — crafted by John Kerry and woefully naive Obama administration officials — gave the world’s premier sponsor of terror over $140 billion in unfrozen assets and billions in cash that was supposed to thwart its nuclear ambitions and help the suffering Iranian people while bringing the terror-sponsoring regime into the “community of nations.”

It was a Pollyanna pipe dream as Iran — a dictatorship run by Islamist fanatics — used the massive windfall to fund terror proxies who wish us and our allies harm. It’s estimated that Iran gives Hamas $50 million a year and Hezbollah an estimated $800 million, in addition to providing weapons and financial support to the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Iran also used the billions to grow its military budget by 40 percent and advance its nuclear program — as well as North Korea’s — while propping up Shiite rebels fighting alongside genocidal Syrian butcher Bashar Assad.

Not only do the Iranian people continue to suffer as a result, the world has become a much more dangerous place as we learned from eye-opening Israeli intelligence revealed last week that Iran has unequivocally continued to develop nuclear weapons.

Surprise, surprise.

In his remarks yesterday, President Trump said, “The deal’s inspection provisions lack adequate mechanisms to prevent, detect and punish cheating — and don’t even have the unqualified right to inspect many important locations, including military facilities. Not only does the deal fail to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but it also fails to address the regime’s development of ballistic missiles that could deliver nuclear warheads.”

He was smart to pull out of the JCPOA.

The Mullahs took Obama and Kerry for a ride, and there’s a new sheriff in town.

The days of exploiting the United States and our allies are over.

Adriana Cohen

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