President’s successes trump biased media

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CNN and other mainstream media have been airing non-stop coverage of alleged “Russian ties” within the Trump administration.

I have to wonder: Are left-leaning outlets trying to manufacture negative political narratives to smear President Trump’s image? Or is the wall-to-wall TV coverage serving to detract from the president’s many successes — including job creation — since he took office?

I’ll let you answer that question yourselves.

What we do know is that throughout his two terms in office, President Obama’s administration got very different treatment.

Did CNN and other lefty media outlets get twisted into a frenzy over Hillary Clinton’s infamous “Russian reset?”

Did mainstream media lambaste Obama for cozying up to Raul Castro last year? Did they attack him for attending a baseball game with a serial human rights violator who subjected dissidents to torture?

Predictably, when Dems cozy up to dictators or other questionable characters, lefty media either looks the other way or it finds a way to applaud them. In the case of Cuba, the MSM praised Obama for strengthening U.S./Cuban “ties” and for opening up economic relations. But if Trump wants to establish a working relationship with the Kremlin to advance the United States’ strategic and economic interests — they howl. In their eyes, Trump and his administration must have nefarious intentions.

It’s no wonder Trump is lashing out against the rigged media. Do you blame him?

Americans just want a level playing field. We want the media covering every politician equally and fairly regardless of party affiliation.

Today, that’s far from reality. Take immigration. Obama deported nearly 3 million illegal immigrants during his time in office. Did the networks accuse him of being anti-immigrant? Or destroying families?

No and no.

But these very same networks — with the aid of boatloads of anti-Trump guests who are given massive air time — have painted Trump as being anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-minority, anti-gay, anti- — you fill in the blank.

Voters see the rigged media game and they’re not impressed. And they may just give President Trump two terms in office just to send a clear message — they’ve had enough.

Adriana Cohen

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