Probe of FBI spying on Trump campaign requires new special counsel

By May 24, 2018May 31st, 2018Politics

Attorney General Jeff Sessions shouldn’t have referred an investigation into governmental abuses of power against the Trump campaign to the Office of the Inspector General this week as the IG has no authority to investigate key witnesses outside its limited purview.

How can one conduct a legitimate investigation into political targeting directed against the Trump campaign and FBI misconduct if central actors including James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page and others who no longer work in government aren’t part of the investigation?

You can’t. That’s like a sports reporter covering the Stanley Cup playoffs omitting all the plays and actions from the starting lineup. It’s laughable.

Yesterday on my Boston Herald Radio show, I asked Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz why he joined a dozen other lawmakers in filing a resolution Tuesday for a second special counsel.

He said, “We first have information that this dossier that was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign was improperly used as the basis for a warrant to spy on Carter Page, that laws and regulations by the FBI were broken, that the FISA spying application was renewed without giving full disclosure to the court regarding the facts. And now we’ve recently been troubled by the reporting other intelligence was collected on the Trump campaign.”

Begging the question voters want to know: Who authorized the DOJ hit job on the Trump campaign?

Gaetz said that’s something members of Congress need to get to the bottom of.

“I’ve got to find out how high this went because when you look back at the text messages between Peter Strzrok and Lisa Page you see them continuing to reference the (Obama) White House by saying ‘The White House is running this,’ and ‘The White House wants to know everything,’ ” he said. “So we’ve got to find out does this lead back to James Clapper, John Brennan and President Obama? Who thought it was OK to weaponize our intelligence community to spy on the campaign of a political rival?”

The American people want answers and accountability to restore trust in our government and justice system.

The appointment of a special counsel is warranted and Sessions should make such recommendation without delay.

Adriana Cohen

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