Questions Democratic Debate Moderators Should’ve Asked but Didn’t

By November 22, 2019November 25th, 20192020 Presidential Race, Liberal Bias, Politics

I watched the fifth Democratic debate in Atlanta Wednesday night so you didn’t have to.

Here are the questions the liberal MSNBC moderators should’ve asked but didn’t.

1. Sen. Warren: You say that if elected president, you will fight corruption. What say you about the fact that Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden — who had no known experience in the energy sector — was paid a reported $50K per month as a board member of a Ukrainian natural gas company that was under investigation for corruption while Joe Biden was vice president? Are you OK with billions of U.S. tax dollars going to foreign countries who then take a slice of the pie and give it back to powerful politicians’ family members? On the street, that’s known as a kickback. Do you agree with Republican lawmakers that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden should be called to testify at the impeachment hearings and explain to the American people what exactly took place?

2. Sen. Harris: California, the state you represent, is home to the worst homeless crisis in the country, with thousands of Americans — including veterans —sleeping on the streets in horrendously unsanitary conditions. There are drug needles; there is human waste, crime, disease and other health and safety issues. How can voters trust that you could solve our nation’s many complex challenges as president if you haven’t demonstrated an ability to fix the problems in your own state?

3. Sen. Sanders: You and your Democratic colleagues claim that climate change is an existential threat and that we must take immediate and drastic action to curb carbon emissions before it’s “too late.” Why are you, Sen. Warren, Sen. Harris, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former Vice President Biden and Mayor Pete Buttigieg flying private gas-guzzling jets on the campaign trail? Don’t those pushing the radical Green New Deal have a moral obligation to practice what they preach?

4. Sen. Booker: In your city of Newark, New Jersey, your constituents have been exposed to contaminated tap water. There’s been an ongoing water crisis where thousands of Americans — predominantly people of color and their children — have been forced to drink bottled water because of the failing water infrastructure. How can Americans trust you to represent their best interests as president when your own neighbors don’t even have safe water to drink and their health and safety are endangered?

5. Tom Steyer: You’ve made fighting climate change your No. 1 priority if elected president, yet you made your fortune at Farallon Capital Management, an investment management company you created that has invested in coal mines and dirty fossil fuels. In fact, it’s been reported you’re still making millions and profiting off coal and other fossil fuels in Australia and elsewhere. Are you the definition of an empty suit?

6. Sens. Sanders and Warren: You’re both pushing socialist policies such as “Medicare for All” and other costly big-government initiatives, yet capitalism has been very good to both of you. You’re both millionaires. You both own expensive homes — if not several of them — and live an enviable, affluent lifestyle. Why do you bite the hand that feeds you and denounce an economic system that’s helped you achieve the American Dream?

7. The Democratic Party supports abortion on demand at any time during a woman’s pregnancy including after-birth abortions and partial-birth abortions. Yet science has proved that unborn babies can feel pain at 20 weeks of gestation. Many developed unborn babies could also survive outside the womb in the second and third trimesters. How do you sleep at night knowing this reality? And when it comes to the overall topic of abortion, why do Democrats only talk about women’s health and bodies, not infants’ bodies and well-being? Where is it written in the U.S. Constitution that an adult body is more important than a viable unborn baby’s body? Isn’t that the essence of inequality, where one human is deemed more valuable in society than another?

8. The Democratic Party prides itself on inclusion. But by pushing for impeachment, is that extreme measure excluding 63 million Americans from our democracy by attempting to nullify their vote for Donald Trump in 2016? And would it not be more inclusive for Democrats to respect free elections — something we cherish here in the United States — and let voters decide at the polls versus push for something as corrosively divisive as impeachment?

Those are just a few questions a conservative columnist and radio host like myself would’ve asked. To all the left-leaning outlets out there: I’m available for the next Democratic debate if your audience can handle tough questions and the truth.

My guess is it can’t.

Adriana Cohen

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