Releasing detainees puts U.S. in danger

By February 24, 2016February 25th, 2016Terrorism

resident Obama continues to stroke jihadists and jeopardize our national security by moving to mothball the Gitmo prison and scatter the detainees hell-bent on destroying us all over the place.

Our Apologist-in-Chief listed a series of justifications for evicting the 91 remaining terrorists from the Guantanamo Bay detention center, despite blowback from members of Congress.

First delusional reason: President Obama said the facility is being used as a “propaganda tool” by those who wish us harm. Is he serious?

What he’s implying is that if something offends radical religious extremists, it should be shut down or removed. Perhaps the president missed his own starring role in propaganda videos the terrorists have posted online. Or similar cameos of former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, John Kerry and others. If he’s worried about 
“offending” extremists, should all of the above go into hiding?

Should the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton start wearing a burqa? Because we know that women showing their faces and bodies in public “offends” many extremists.

Terrorists hated the U.S. before Gitmo ever existed. After all they blew up the World Trade Center and killed thousands of Americans.

The president also whined about the cost to keep up Gitmo. Since when do liberals, who want to grow Big Government and dip their hands in our wallets, care about cost? Austerity measures coming from a president who has watched the national debt soar by $8 trillion during his tenure is an insult to our intelligence.

In case he’s forgotten, Obamacare, his signature health care legislation, has wasted hundreds of millions on failed websites alone. But he doesn’t want to talk about that. He’d rather talk about moving some of the terrorists to the U.S.

Worse, what about the recidivism rate for detainees who have been released already? That means more innocent people could be killed, raped and taken hostage.

And how demoralizing is it for our troops to be asked to shed blood fighting the same enemy twice?

Closing Gitmo was a 2008 campaign promise. Obama has had seven years to make a credible case to shutter it — and he hasn’t done it.

Bottom line: Obama’s misguided foreign policy will continue to threaten our security here and abroad. With ISIS now in 20 countries worldwide, we can’t afford to close Gitmo and release additional terrorists who wish to do us harm.

Adriana Cohen

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