Sabato Jr. fights as a conservative in liberal Hollywood

Hollywood, home to uber-wealthy liberal elites, pretends it stands for tolerance, diversity and inclusion — themes they push heavily in their movies and TV shows.

Here’s how it works:

If you’re gay, transgender or any letter in the LGBTQ alphabet, La La Land goes beyond practicing tolerance — they roll out the Red Carpet.

If you’re a card-carrying liberal, a strident Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren supporter, you’re welcomed with open arms.

But if you’re a Republican with — Heaven forbid — your own set of beliefs, then intolerance kicks in faster than actresses bee-lining for their next Botox shots.

It’s no secret that conservatives in Hollywood today risk losing acting roles and writing jobs — effectively being blacklisted for refusing to participate in liberal PC groupthink.

Hollywood actor Antonio Sabato Jr. is an outspoken Trump supporter who spoke at the Republican National Convention last summer and is now running for Congress in California. Yesterday on my Boston Herald Radio show, I asked Antonio if he’s faced any discrimination or lost any work.

“Absolutely. All of the above,” he said. “I was the first in the film industry to talk about Mr. Trump and advocate about him saying he was going to win and I was right … And I’ve lost a lot of jobs because of it. In fact I just lost a job this week … they pulled it away because I’m running for Congress. If it wasn’t because of I’m running for Congress, it was because I spoke at the RNC. If it wasn’t for the RNC, then it was because I was pro-Trump and I believed he was the right guy for this country.

“It’s insane to me. That we live in the greatest country in the world and I can’t speak my mind. And I can’t support my president. And if you’re not on their side … you’ll have jobs taken away from you or you’ll be fired. It’s a sign of communism. Just the worst of its kind.”

He explained that one of the reasons he’s running for Congress is to “fight this bully.” He means Hollywood — the same celebs who accuse Trump of bullying.

Like our Founding Fathers, Sabato wants to live in a country were we have freedom to think for ourselves and speak our minds.

Just another reason California voters should pull the lever for Sabato. He loves our country, Constitution and one of our most vital pillars of liberty — Freedom of Speech.

Adriana Cohen

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