Sarah Sanders and Melania T are true role models

By June 16, 2019June 20th, 2019Liberal Bias, Politics, Women's Issues

The left’s deplorable treatment of conservative women who support the Trump administration hit a new low this week with its outright bullying and smears against press secretary Sarah Sanders, who announced she’s stepping down to spend more time with her children.

Instead of Democrats applauding Sanders for putting family first and being a role model to women everywhere who aspire to work in journalism and notch top positions in our government, many took a page from “Mean Girls” and threw daggers at Sanders on her way out the door. Partisan pundits and catty elites throughout media called her a liar and other disparaging names in a bid to sully Sanders’ reputation as she returns to private life.

These are the same so-called “feminists” and phony “pro-women” crowd that profess to care about equal pay and advancing women in the workplace yet when the president does just that and elevates a capable woman like Sanders to a top White House position and salary that goes with it, liberal hypocrites go negative.

Proving the left isn’t truly pro-women — they’re just pro-Democrat.

Then there’s our intelligent, compassionate and exceptionally fashionable first lady who is representing America on the world stage with class and dignity. Women’s magazines run by so-called “feminists” have shown how incredibly biased they are by gracing former first lady Michelle Obama with at least 30 magazine covers during the Obama years — including three Vogue covers — while snubbing Melania Trump.

Meanwhile the rest of the country knows Melania T — as the president likes to call her — will go down in history as one of the most stylish and stunning first ladies in American history.

Too bad out of touch editors at Vogue and other partisan publications failed to notice.

And then there’s yours truly. As a conservative opinion columnist, radio host and TV commentator who supports the pro-growth Trump economy that’s benefiting all Americans — especially women with historically low unemployment — and empowering women with the opportunity to be financially independent, I’m also subjected to unfounded attacks.

Instead of debating Trump’s policies or why I support many of them, anti-Trump forces on social media call me a “Trumpkin” and other sexist smears.

All of which I ignore, knowing that under the Obama administration more than 2 million women slipped into poverty and put on food stamps, while the Trump White House has created a robust economy providing millions of women with jobs, economic freedom — and a future.

Adriana Cohen

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