Schiff should be disqualified

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Could be a witness in impeachment trial

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif. must be disqualified from serving as a manager in the Senate impeachment trial.

For starters Schiff may be called as a witness given that his staff conspired with the whistleblower whose complaint filed with the intelligence inspector general last summer triggered the whole impeachment charade. Schiff — a conspiracy theorist and known Trump hater — then lied to the media about his contacts with the whistleblower during a broadcast interview last fall, earning him four Pinocchios by the Washington Post.

Memo to Democrats: If the far left Washington Post doesn’t trust Schiff, why should the American people?

That said, clearly a conflict exists. Schiff cannot be both a potential witness in an impeachment trial and also a lead manager tasked with the prosecution of the president. It’s just plain wrong.

Now add to the fact that Schiff is a documented liar and propagandist who spent the past 3 1/2 years lying to the American people and countless media outlets about “Russian collusion” involving the 2016 Trump campaign, an accusation that’s since been debunked by multiple congressional and Department of Justice investigations, including the 22-month special counsel probe.

Then there’s Schiff’s unconscionable, so-called “parody” reading of the July 25th phone call in question between President Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Schiff spoofed the call during the House impeachment inquiry last September. Instead of reading directly from the actual transcript — which contains evidence that the president committed no crimes — Schiff literally made stuff up and lied before Congress and the American people about what Trump said.

His ill-advised performance made a mockery of the entire process. How this corrupt clown is allowed to have any role whatsoever after doctoring evidence before Congress shows how utterly corrupt the whole impeachment scam has been from the start.

Schiff and his Democratic colleagues denied the president due process. Trump wasn’t allowed to have counsel present to cross examine the Democrats’ dubious “witnesses,” who it turns out didn’t possess firsthand knowledge of alleged wrongdoing. To the contrary, their “witnesses” were merely a parade of partisans and bureaucrats who relied on feelings and hearsay — not evidence.

The proceedings are a slap in the face to 63 million Americans who elected President Trump.

Now the American people are supposed to accept Schiff as the lead manager in a Senate impeachment trial? You can’t be serious.

Americans must insist he recuse himself without delay.

Adriana Cohen

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