School safety needs to come first

By December 2, 2016December 8th, 2016Gun Control, National Security, Terrorism

Bravo to Gov. Chris Christie for signing legislation allowing retired police officers to provide armed security at New Jersey schools and community colleges statewide.

In an age of terror, this common sense safety measure can’t come soon enough.

The governor said in a statement, “The safety of our children is of paramount concern, especially in the wake of senseless violent attacks in the very places that students and teachers should feel safest. This legislation creates an affordable option for all New Jersey communities to provide security in their schools with properly trained officers who have decades of experience. It allows existing police officers to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe.”

Monday’s Ohio State University terror attack that left 11 injured at the hands of an alleged ISIS sympathizer is an urgent reminder why we need armed security on campus and schools nationwide. States should abolish gun-free zones at schools and campuses altogether — they’re sitting ducks — or find alternative security measures.

The last thing students and faculty should accept is being left defenseless in these life-threatening situations.

Last month in the ISIS terror magazine Rumiyah, the terror group called for fellow jihadists to target U.S. universities and other soft targets — including teens playing after school sports — in “quiet communities.” (That means the suburbs and sleepy, little towns.)

The Islamic State encouraged knife attacks and the use of a car as a weapon like we saw in Nice, France, last summer when an ISIS soldier used a truck to murder 86 pedestrians. At Ohio State this week a radicalized Somali refugee used a car and butcher knife to commit his heinous acts of horror, sending scores of students to the emergency room.

How many more deadly attacks of violence do we need to see before parents and politicians make school safety a top priority?

Memo to liberals: Increased gun control won’t save lives when killers use cars as weapons, or knives, or IEDs, or obtain their guns illegally on the black market.

No American should be in harm’s way while getting an education. It’s time for governors across the nation to increase campus security before we lose another precious American life.

Adriana Cohen

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