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By August 13, 2018August 29th, 2018National Security

Agency’s stonewall tactics shatter trust

This weekend President Trump ripped into the FBI for its continuous stonewalling and lack of transparency related to the genesis of the still ongoing Russia investigation — a highly partisan and corrupt probe tearing our country apart.

On Saturday he tweeted, “Why isn’t the FBI giving Andrew McCabe text messages to Judicial Watch or appropriate governmental authorities. FBI said they won’t give up even one (I may have to get involved, DO NOT DESTROY). What are they hiding?”

Clearly the feds have a lot to hide, otherwise they’d release the information requested by congressional Oversight Committees and watchdog groups, instead of continuing to excessively redact documents to the point that the information they ultimately produce — reluctantly — is essentially worthless.

U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows also took to Twitter recently to vent his frustration with the Justice Department’s stonewalling shenanigans.

“FBI responds to a FOIA request, on their contacts with Christopher Steele, by releasing 71 essentially blank pages on a Friday night. Ridiculous,” Meadows tweeted.


The president should immediately instruct the Department of Justice to declassify all information related to the tainted Trump-Russia “collusion” investigation. A highly partisan probe that after two years and nearly 20 million tax dollars blown has yet to produce a scintilla of evidence the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Even slimy Peter Strzok texted his paramour Lisa Page, saying, “there’s no there there.”

Trump should demand the DOJ declassify texts and emails by McCabe, former FBI director James Comey, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and all officials involved in using the discredited and salacious opposition research — paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC — to launch a major DOJ counterintelligence investigation against our duly elected president and associates.

Without any evidence of a crime — a practice seen in police-state regimes such as Iran, North Korea and Cuba.

Trump promised voters he’d drain the swamp. The fastest way to do that —and protect our democracy — is to expose the “Deep States” specious tactics and hold lawbreakers accountable.

This charade — which has caused damaging distrust in our justice system — has gone on long enough.

Adriana Cohen

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